Wear hair ribbons the right way to accentuate your beauty

It is only some time back that hair ribbons used to be thought of something that are used to tie hair of little girls but today they have become a top choice for grown up girls and women when it comes to hairstyles. The reason behind is the super amazing look that ribbons give to any hairstyle and anybody who wears it.

Be it a ribbon tied in a simple way, or it is a stylish and classy ribbon bow they all look stunning. As hair ribbons have become one of the most loved things to style hair, we have brought for you the stylish and chic ways you can wear hair ribbons to give yourself a completely new and exciting look:

Weave it into a braided twist

This messy bun look looks chic and happening with the help of a hair ribbon. Make two pigtail braids and knot them together at the nape of your neck with a ribbon. Leave the ends of both the ponytails loose, and later pin those ends of the pigtails in a messy bun.

As a thin chic headband

When used as a thin headband, hair ribbons give a stylish look loaded with sophistication to the wearer. These headbands also make a perfect adult statement when you are not interested to spare out a great deal of time for doing your hairstyle, and just let it be as it is. If you want to keep your hair loose with a hair band on top, then smooth all the hair back and place the ribbon on top, which is a point just an inch above the hairline.

Either tie the ends of the hair ribbon at the nape of your neck with the bobby pins or you can also apply some hair spray at the ends, if you want the hair ribbon to get some extra staying capacity. Ribbon headbands look equally amazing on pony hairstyles, and even on high and low tied buns.

Boho headbands

Hair ribbons are so versatile that they can give the wearer the simplest and the most innocent looks, as it is in the case of a school going little girl. On the other hand, it can make you look like a hippie or a bohemian cool as well. For a pretty cool and hip look, you need to take a hair ribbon and wrap it once or twice around your forehead, and you are all set to stun people with your cool looks.

Twist in a Twisted Side Ponytail

Make a twisted side ponytail by pinch twisting your hair from the right side of your head. You have to twist a ribbon along your hair and use bobby pins to fasten hair and ribbon. You have to twist the hair in a way that conceals all the bobby pins. Continue twisting and wrapping ribbon until you reach the left side of your head, probably near your ear and there pin it in place. Now start doing the pinch twist on the hair at the left side of your head and take it down depending upon the length of your hair. Finally, tie both the twisted braids and the ribbon together, and enjoy the beauty and the style of this classy hairstyle.

Hanging out of the bun

Make a high, a topknot bun, and roll around a colorful or a plain ribbon. Tie it in a way that it peeps out of the bun at the back of your head. It is a very simple yet an elegant style that certainly looks hot and happening.


Hair ribbons are an accessory used to create a wide assortment of hairstyles. It is tricky to style hair ribbons well but if done right, it gives you a perfect and a beautiful look.

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