Understanding sandbagging technique that Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist swears by

Since the time Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic has made sandbagging technique public, women have been trying to master it. Sandbagging technique is already a trending topic on the Internet and the video uploaded by Mario Dedivanovic has become viral. Fashionistas cannot praise the technique enough, and are already uploading pictures showing step by step application of the this new makeup technique.

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Sandbagging technique has gained all the attention and for right reasons as it prevents makeup from running down because of the barriers created in the parts, such as under the eyes and around the lips. Moreover, it can keep lipstick on your lips for long periods of time, too. Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is all praise about this technique and the effect is quite evident from all her public appearances. Along with its benefits, this technique is quite simple and doesn’t require sophisticated makeup tools or expensive products.

Sandbagging technique: What it is?

The reality star has always been praised for the way she has used contouring to highlight her cheek bones and appeared flawless in her makeup. Thanks to the sandbagging trick! This technique gets the name because it does what the real sandbags actually do- creating barrier and preventing makeup from flooding the other parts. In this technique, loose powder is heavily applied around the lips and eyes and then makeup is applied on the rest of the part. The heavy powder is then brushed away, blending both the sections properly so that they don’t look different. It is somewhat similar to baking technique in which the heat of the face is used to sort of cook the makeup with the application of heavy powder to cover it.

Products you need to sandbag

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Even though this technique helps makeup to stay longer, especially in summer days, it doesn’t require too many products, which is the case with techniques like baking or contouring. It is simple and hassle free. All you require is a large brush, a make-up sponge, and loose powder and that will help you apply the technique on your face.

Tips to use this flawless makeup technique

To ensure perfect application of this technique you have to keep in mind a few things.

  • This technique works best for people with oily skin as it absorbs excess oil and keeps the makeup in place throughout the day.
  • To start with you should apply foundation and base, as you usually do. You have to then dip the makeup sponge in loose powder and start dabbing beneath the waterline. The idea is to cover the area completely with loose powder and this is an important part of the entire process. A wall of powder should be visible on your face separating the region from the adjacent areas.
  • Follow the same process in the area around your lips and ensure to cover with heavy powder.These areas should be then left while you apply make-up on the other parts of your face.
  • You should allow some time for the powder to absorb the excess oil that your skin produces. This excess oil holds the chance to ruin your makeup. When you are done with the rest of your face simply brush off the extra powder.
  • To get perfect results you must check the quality of powder and see if it is suitable for your skin type. It would be even better if you consult your dermatologist.

The reason why this technique became a rage as soon as Mario Dedivanovic uploaded a video on Instagram is its ability to resolve the problem of oily skin which cannot hold makeup for long. Often, women have to face embarrassing situations with fading lipstick and makeup, when they have to attend day long events and don’t get the chance to touch up now and then. This technique is all about creating a moat with powder. This effectively holds the foundation in place in the areas of the face where oil secretes the most.

Women in love with creamy lipsticks and Kohl eyeliners have picked up sandbagging makeup technique as it is considered most suitable with oil based products, more so as it is the look donned by the reality superstar Kim Kardashian on most of the occasions. It is undoubtedly the newest trend which is helping women to get flawless look for hours together.

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