Top 10 anti-ageing techniques

With the rise in life expectancy rate, people crossing the age of 50s do not want to be called as ‘old’. There is a need to take care of health after the age of fifties and sixties.

Here are top 10 tips, as published by, for them:

-do not smoke
-reduce your weight
-use energy boosters like alpha lipolic acid and acetyl-L carnitine.
-have fast one day in a week
-tame a pet to reduce depression and blood pressure.
-for chronic pain go to the practitioner
-always prefer walking
-stay away from indulging in arguments
-develop gardening as a hobby
-do exercises to stay fit

The tips are quiet simple to follow and any person can use them with ease along with staying away from various old age diseases. Thus, apply them in life after fifties and you will certainly grow old slowly and look young.


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