Tips than can help you plan a healthy pregnancy

If you are planning to conceive, ensure you have done the right planning before you get pregnant. Planning is important so that you end up experiencing a healthy pregnancy. The healthy you are, the healthier will be the baby you will give birth to. The better the planning, the better will be the pay off.

Making it simpler, an efficient pregnancy planning helps a woman conceive easily, have a healthier pregnancy, reduced pregnancy complications, give birth to a healthy baby with a reduced risk of adult health problems and a pleasant postpartum experience for a mother. Following are some tips that will come handy for you to plan a healthy pregnancy:

Genetic Counseling & Testing

Genetic Counseling & Testing

Genetic counseling and testing becomes necessary for couples who are concerned about inherited diseases and traits, for there is a history of certain health conditions in a woman’s or her partner’s family. The other alarming situations that call for an appointment with such counselors are if a woman is over 35 years of age, has had 3 or more miscarriages, a baby or two died in infancy or has given birth to a mentally retarded baby or a baby with any other birth defect.

Body Awareness

Body Awareness

Pregnancy brings with itself a fair share of body changes. Therefore, women should start planning to know about their body at least 3-4 months before they conceive. The better they know their body, the better they conceive and give birth to a normal and a healthy baby. Women should know the status of their metabolism rate, health of their reproductive organs and breasts, condition of their heart, lungs, blood, hormones and urine, their genetic heritage and current lifestyle choices. Knowing about all these things, a woman can change things and plan accordingly, so that she ends up having a pleasant pregnancy experience.

Control your emotions and stress

Control your emotions

Before you conceive, you should sit down and try to find out the problematic emotions of your life. Be it anger, frustration, anxiety or stress, you ought to control these emotions much before you conceive. Turn to your partner, family, friends or a doctor if required, but get rid of these negative emotions and learn to live without them for the sake of your and your baby’s health. Surround yourself with people and things you like, meditate, exercise, keep busy eat good, sleep well and more.


It is of paramount importance for women to plan their pregnancy. It helps a lot to give birth to a healthy baby and works wonders for a mother’s health.

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