Smoking can leave you impotent

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UK goes ‘smoke free’ from today with the ban that restricts smokers to fag in workspace and any other enclosed public place.The ban has been basically forwarded to protect passive smokers. Also, the ban can make people lessen up or give up smoking. Moreover, if the ban succeeds in its noble cause, it is good news for everyone and also for their sex life. Yes, if you remember smoking can give way to many sexual problems.

Smoking is bad for health and we all know that, but most of us don’t seem to care. Smoking has many bad effects on our physical health. It harms the lungs and also constricts blood flow. It is also a cause for late reactions and loss of patience. Apart from these physical and mental problems, fagging is particularly dangerous for men as it causes them difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection. If smoked for a long time it can also give rise to impotence or erectile dysfunction in men. For women who are pregnant smoking can lead to many dysfunctions in the baby and also cause a ‘dead birth.’ It also weakens our senses, especially taste and smell, which are an indispensable part of a good sex life.

These are enough reasons for you to quit smoking and if you still need more, keep on reading. No one likes yellow teeth, bad breath and smoke smell coming from the fingers and this is what smoking basically leaves you with. These things can as well put off your partner in the bed. Overall, smokers lead an unhealthy lifestyle which also makes them socially less acceptable. They also ignore food and have a bad, irregular diet system that results in poor health. Those who don’t fag lead better lifestyles, eat healthy diets and in turn also have better and enjoyable sex. You can always ask a friend or a family member to help you quit smoking and if you have a good will power, you alone are enough. You can also contact counselors or log on to the various websites, whose alone aim is to help people quit smoking. Gosmokefree and Quit are two of such websites.

As the French philosopher, Albert Schweitzer said, ‘Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside‘, I hope you do too. Best of luck for your efforts to quit this deadly sin!

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