New cold drug may not be very effective!

The advent of a new law restricts customers largely from using drug that contains pseudoephedrine because customers who wish to buy drug, containing pseudoephedrine will have to show I.D. and will also have to put signature on a logbook.

Misuse of this drug for making the illegal drug methamphetamine has impelled Congress to carve out such law. That is the reason why manufacturers are replacing pseudoephedrine with phenylephrine. You must know that this new drug is not as effective to fight cold as the earlier one was. However, drug phenylephrine is quite safe for eyeryone but patients with high blood pressure and serious medical conditions must take counsel before taking this drug.

No doubt, the step taken by congress to curb the misuse of drug pseudoephedrine is right but I think congress should have provided people with a substitute as effective as drug pseudoephedrine.

Via: cbsnews

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