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Natural skin care: Oomph and wow from your kitchen cabinet

John Edwards article on skin care reminds me of previous generations when our mamas gave silent oomph and wow to our fathers, effortlessly. “Why are you spoiling your skin, decking’em up with chemicals?” says my mom, even if it is a cleansing milk or cucumber toner. No matter how much I convince her of changing skin needs with growing environmental pollution, she gives it back to me with safer options from the kitchen cabinet. But see she is not wrong; it is easier than blending a fairness pack or sunscreen on to the skin.

John Edward has given some simple tips like rubbing tomato juice or egg yolk for a glowing skin, blending olive oil on the skin to cure sunburn, eczema and to moisturize the skin, scrubbing the skin with baking soda to clear your skin from blackheads and using vinegars to save money on deodorants.

Apart from these, one can always rub in turmeric, which acts as an antiseptic and a natural fairness scrub, wheat flour as a cleanser, curd, and milk as moisturizers and lots of water to flush the toxins out of your system, thereby giving a pimple-free skin.

My mother has been using it and saving her pocket money for something better, so can you…just take a pen and paper, and categorize the spices, vegetables and other stuff in your kitchen cabinet and make your own beauty regimen out of it.

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