How to improve your brainpower with healthy living

The human brain is one of the most complex as well as one of the most powerful things ever on this earth. However, not many individuals tend to utilize it properly (we are talking about sane people here). So are you one of those individuals who simply cannot find a way to improve your brainpower and utilize its full potential? Here are some health tips that can let you improve your brain’s capabilities and help tap into its highest potential.


Proper Rest

In order to improve your brainpower, you need to take care of the rest of your body first. And the first step to taking care o f your body is to make sure it receives adequate rest in the form of proper sleep every day. How long do you sleep every day? The body would need at least 6 hours of continuous, undisturbed sleep if the brain needs to function properly at its optimum level. Anything less than that and your brain would surely start showing signs of wear sooner than you think.

Again, it is considered wise to take a break if you are feeling exhausted physically as well as mentally. A quick break of about 15-30 minutes would be enough to get you back on track with what you were doing before. So listen to your body and its cries for rest rather than turning a deaf ear to the same if you want to improve your brain power in the long run.


Proper Foods

How about treating your brain with healthy food? Example, oily fishes like salmon, which contain essential fatty acids and are considered very healthy for the brain. Other examples include blueberries that are known to treat conditions like short-term memory loss, and tomatoes that can help prevent conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Proper Exercises

Your brain needs exercise too, many mental exercises. Opt for puzzles and challenging games to keep your mind active and your cognitive thinking abilities sharp. Start with small puzzles and work your way to bigger ones if you cannot handle the latter. For example, the crossword puzzle on the newspaper would be a good starter for your brain exercise program. Toy jigsaw puzzles would also help considerably in boosting your brainpower. Another option would be memory games that could help you improve your memory, which in turn, would improve brainpower.

Not been utilizing your brain to its fullest potential? Need not to worry. These tips would help you improve your brainpower in no time at all. Follow them diligently and you will notice positive results very quickly.

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