Habits you need to quit immediately for a better skin

You care a lot for your skin, as you cleanse it, moisturize it on a regular basis, and exfoliate it whenever required. However, you still experience several skin problems, which you fail to understand that why do they happen. A simple answer that can clarify all your doubts is some of your bad habits, which you do not realize but leave a detrimental impact upon your skin.

To make you realize those bad habits so that you can enjoy having blissful skin always, we have brought a list of such bad habits that might be sabotaging your skin.

Using dirty makeup brushes

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You spend a good part of your hard-earned money on buying high quality expensive beauty products but their application causes harm to your skin. Well, those beauty products are not to blame, but it is your fault, as you carelessly use the same makeup brush repeatedly without cleaning it. A dirty makeup brush contains some harmful germs that can deteriorate your skin quality big time, so ensure you use a fresh brush every time.

Stop pulling all-nighters

sleeping habit

To pull an all-nighter occasionally is fine but if it becomes your routine, then you must reconsider it. Your body requires 6-8 hour sleep every day, you can occasionally break the rule, as it would not affect your body much. However, if you make it your habit, it is too bad for your overall health, especially in the long run. Lack of sleep brings in many defects in your immune system and many other processes, including deterioration of your skin.

Using handkerchief or a pillow treated with toxic laundry detergent


You use a tissue, handkerchief or a napkin to clean your face many a times during the day. You only think that you are cleaning your face and fail to realize that the hankie you are using has been washed with a detergent that had too many chemicals in it. You sleep with your face on a pillow whose cover was also washed using same toxic detergent. Both these cases are bad for your skin health, so start avoiding these in any case.

Sleeping with the makeup on

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Sometimes you are not in a condition to take off your makeup after a late night party, and the other times your day’s hard work does not allow putting even least amount of effort to take makeup off your face. Makeup does not allow your skin to breathe and when skin pores open while sweating, the makeup enters the pores and harms your skin.

Beware of this probability and no matter what, ensure you wash your face before sleeping. The same goes for your workout, as you should always clean your face before starting a workout, or else, the makeup seeps into your skin when you perspire and a cycle of skin troubles can start.

Picking pimples is bad

Picking pimples is bad

If you like picking pimples on your skin then there is no point using even the best of beauty products, as they cannot save your skin from the harmful effects of this habit of yours. When you pick a pimple, it leads to scarring and hyperpigmentation on your face, which even layers of makeup cannot hide.

Moreover, when you press a pimple hard, it leads to a rupture below the skin that further leads to more acne breakouts. As you can see, this single bad habit of yours can start a vicious circle of skin problems, so it is better you get rid of it at the earliest.

In order to avoid something, you are supposed to know what those things are. Know the bad habits that are sabotaging your skin, so you can easily avoid them.

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