It is some time to rethink the Paleo diet

Some time back Scientific American covered a detailed story on Paleo diet, they emphasized that the concept of not including dairy products, beans, grains and other things that the prehistoric man did not include in his diet was not beneficial for health.

Is Paleo diet suitable for the modern man?

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Paleo diet ranked poorly, in the ‘Best Diets Overall’ poll conducted by the U.S. news in 2014. Many dieticians believe that the Paleo diet is a restrictive diet and is impractical. There is no scientific evidence that shows that the people on a Paleo diet are healthier and live longer than the people who do not follow it.

Moreover, the Paleo diet was ‘half-baked’ and more suitable for the caveman. The modern man’s activity and the caveman’s activity differ a lot. The modern man does not hunt or gather food for survival, the overall physical activity of the caveman was much more. Digesting a half-baked, raw or leftovers of bigger animals were easy for them.

Pros and cons of Paleo diet

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The time Kellyann Petrucci reached forty she begun to realize that her health was seriously deteriorating. She is a clinical nutritionist, she had several signs of early aging including lifeless skin, lack of energy and obesity. It was the Paleo diet, which made her rejuvenate and back on track.

Jennifer Andrus is a New York based nutrition expert, she thinks that things like consuming fruits and veggies, fish and lean meats is a good idea that the Paleo diet suggests. However, it excludes important substances like dairy, grains and legumes, which provide essential nutrients to the body.

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The followers of Paleo diet advocate for the diet stating the risks of the processed junk food. Jennifer is of the opinion that the major issue is the lack of controlled eating of the processed foods. She says that we get carried away by the taste and forget to limit the processed food consumption.

In an experiment, ten overweight and diabetic Australian aborigines were put on a Paleo diet for a period of seven weeks. After the seven-weeks, these men had normal sugar levels, had lost 17.6 pounds of weight and their triglyceride levels had improved. The author of the study also mentioned that the activities of these men had increased in these seven weeks as they hunted and gathered food for themselves.

A Paleo diet can help in improving our health up to a certain level. However, it is important to include legumes, dairy products and the other important things that are left out in the Paleo diet. Following a strict Paleo diet may not be beneficial in the longer run.

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