Gerson diet

Gerson Therapy is a natural medical treatment which makes the body heal itself by activating such ability within the body. The therapy is conducted by continuing with certain types of foods on regular basis.

Gerson Diet

The diet recommends an individual to keep organic foods as the basic source of nutrition. Vegetarian diet, coffee enemas, natural supplements and raw juices are some of the other ways to continue with this diet. Gerson Therapy has no side effects for the dieter.

The powerful natural treatment allows the dieter's body to prevent vulnerable diseases from developing such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, degenerative diseases and allergies. The diet not only prevents these diseases from developing but it also helps in curing these diseases.

You must consume abundance of nutrients from organic juices daily. Dieter's body must have the main intake of nutrients, minerals and enzymes from organic sources. These substances help in breaking down diseased tissues. Coffee enemas assist in removing toxins from liver. In this way, liver is able to perform at its best.

Fresh juice by pressing raw foods is the most effective and easiest way to gain high quality nutrition. You can opt for green leaf vegetable juices, carrot juice, apple juice, orange juice and several other fruit juices for this purpose.

Gerson Diet is rich in minerals, enzymes, micro nutrients, vitamins and low in fats, protein and sodium.
In the entire day, you need to consume 13 glasses of fresh juice from raw fruits and green leafy veggies. You must have 3 main vegetarian meals during the day. You can opt from baked potatoes, cooked vegetables, salad or any other meal. Whole grains can be a good option to include in this diet. Hippocrates soup is a recommended inclusion in Gerson Diet. For snack, you can depend on plain fruit.

Potassium compound, vitamin B12, thyroid hormone, Lugol's solution and pancreatic enzymes are some of the supplements to include in this diet.

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