Gastric sleeve diet

Gastric sleeve surgery involves removing large portion of stomach. Patient needs to adopt a specific diet after the surgery to cope with the disturbance created in the stomach. The remaining portion of stomach is converted into a sleeve form. The surgery can help you lose a lot of weight in short time span. You must follow a strict diet in order to get the most out of this surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Diet

The diet has been designed by dieticians to cater the needs of patients who have had gastric sleeve surgery. Below is the detailed discussion on Gastric Sleeve Diet. Make sure you follow it completely to gain maximum benefits.

First 2 Days

It is recommended to stay on a liquid diet on the first 2 days. You can depend on sugar free juices, herbal tea and flat sodas. You may also opt for chicken or beef broth, sugar free popsicles and sugar free gelatin. Coffee and citrus juices must be avoided for the first 3 weeks after surgery. These beverages can disturb the stomach. Drink all the liquid meals slowly.

Day 3 to Week 2

Dieter is required to follow a liquid diet during this phase as well. You can consume milk and sugar free milk products. Enjoy the delights of plain yogurt, sugar free pudding, sugar free instant jello, skim milk and soy milk. All these items are good to drink during this phase. Protein shakes must be the main intake when you are going through this phase.

Week 3 to 8

Dieter can start eating pureed food items. All you need to do is to pass the pureed food through processer or strainer. If you can chew the meal then you must not have it. This is the rule of having pureed foods. The pureed food must be thin enough to drink. You might not be able tolerate pureed foods so continue liquid diet for a few more days.

Blenderized fish, blenderized eggs, low fat cream soup, mashed winter squash and pureed vegetables are some of the choices you have during the 5 week phase. You may also opt for unsweetened fruit juice. Dieters are recommended to continue drinking protein shakes.

peachWeek 9 to 12

You may start eating soft foods in this phase. Eat canned peaches, scrambled eggs, boneless baked fish and steamed vegetables. You must have a gap of 4 to 5 hours between each meal. Continue with protein shakes during this phase.

Fourth Month

Dieter can start easing himself/herself into normal eating plan. You may start eating daily life foods. However, if you face trouble in digesting the normal stuff then stop right there. You may continue with soft foods for a week and then go on with normal foods.

You can ease yourself into this phase by eating corn chips, nuts, seeds, greasy foods and fried foods. Make sure that you eat slowly because your stomach is still week and it should be put under minimum stress.

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