Free Anti-HIV/AIDS Drugs for Rural And Underprivileged Patients: Guidelines by China

HIV/AIDS epidemic is exploding in China. And on the lines of this concern, China on Sunday issued its first detailed policy guidelines on dealing with the deadly disease. Spelling out the responsibilities of governments at all levels and the rights of carriers, the cabinet, the State Council, issued a statute on the prevention and control of AIDS, according to the Council’s website.

The government now requires free testing be provided to anyone who wants it and that their identities be protected — a significant step forward in stopping the spread of the disease, international experts said.

Adding that counseling should also be provided, Joel Rehnstrom, UNAIDS’ country coordinator said, “That is encouraging… That might encourage people who suspect they have the disease to come forward and get tested so they will not spread the disease to others.”

It is for rural AIDS patients and underprivileged urban patients, free anti-HIV/AIDS drugs should be provided by the local governments above the county-level. According to the guidelines, Rehnstrom said, this seems the most comprehensive so far.

Via: Physorg

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