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Five delicious recipes to add more tang to your breakfast

Healthy breakfast

Breakfast is essentially the meal that replenishes the glucose and other nutrient levels in your body. It activates the body metabolism and sets the tone for the rest of the day. No matter how hard we try, we just cannot overemphasize the importance of having a healthy breakfast, though the challenge you might be facing is how to make to make your breakfast interesting again while keeping healthy and low in fat at the same time. We list five such dishes that will add tang to your breakfast while keeping it healthy.


Mushroom and egg white omelette

Breakfasts don’t essentially need to be complex as you may need to hurry to office or ready your children for school. This recipe keeps it simple and only adds flavour to your omelette. All you need to do is cook some mushroom with scallions separately. Fill your omelette with these vegetables that will give a new flavour to your breakfast.


You can modify traditional burritos to cut down fats and add more fiber and protein. Scramble some egg whites and cook them light. Get ready with your flour tortilla and roll the eggs over them. Top up the eggs with some cheese and beans. Roll in a wrap and microwave for half-a-minute. Garnish with salsa and your recipe is ready to be served.

Jazz up your waffles

You can jazz up your whole-grain waffles with peanut butter on the top. Take two bananas and cut thin slices of them. Top your waffles with these slices and some honey evenly spread over them. Aside from being your saviour on the days you are late to office, this dish also ensures you get the right nutrients.


Strawberry Parfaits

Parfaits are a good bet especially in the summers. Cut some strawberries and top it with some low fat vanilla yoghurt and some muesli cereal. Repeat with the layers of strawberries and yoghurt with muesli cereal. Garnish with slices berries at the top. This one will certainly make you feel more vital and is recommended in summers.

Oatmeal au lait

You definitely cannot miss out on oatmeal from your breakfast list. Combine oats, milk, water, and instant coffee (according to your taste preference) in a bowl and stir it. Microwave the mixture for about two minutes and top it with flax seed, banana and honey.

Toast with yoghurt and smoked salmon

Not only smoked salmon is delicious, but it also is a rich source of protein. Toast two large slices of bread and top it with low-fat yoghurt of your choice. Place the smoke salmon over the yoghurt and garnish with some onion, capers and black pepper.

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