Understanding female perspective on Erectile Dysfunction and ways to deal with it

A common type of male sexual dysfunction affecting innumerable men is Erectile Dysfunction or ED. The condition makes men experience trouble in achieving or sustaining an erection, which is a necessity for a sexual intercourse. ED is a natural part of aging but certain other factors are also responsible for erection failures that every man experiences at one time or another in life. If it happens once in a blue moon, one need not worry. ED is a man’s problem and a woman’s despair. Perspectives on erectile dysfunction vary from woman to woman and following are the main perspectives that many have in common.

Female Perspective Revealed

Erectile Dysfunction

ED could be a sign of some health problem if it becomes a regular phenomenon. Besides health, erectile dysfunction triggers issues of self-esteem in men and affects relationship largely. So, finding cure to erectile dysfunction at the earliest is imperative before one starts analyzing the female perspective on his condition.

  • I am not attractive enough

More than a physical issue, erectile dysfunction of a partner is an emotional issue for majority of women. When a man starts giving excuses for having sex, women begin associating it with their supposed inadequacies. They start feeling that they aren’t attractive enough and their partner no longer finds them sexy enough.

  • My partner must be having an affair

Another way how women perceive ED in their partner is a suspicion that he is having an affair. This especially happens when a smooth sex life comes to a stop all of a sudden. Women start accusing their partners and resist to believe all claims that men make to prove their loyalty. This happens because of the lack of communication between the partners, as men feel ashamed of sharing their inability.

  • Self-blame game

There are women who do understand that erectile dysfunction is a problem behind their terrible sex life but then they start blaming themselves for the same. They somehow believe their partner’s ED is their fault. In a number of researches, it was found that women with this perspective developed anxiety disorders as well.

How you can help him deal with ED?

 help him deal with ED

Women can play a major role in helping their partner deal with ED. After getting to its root cause, you can count on the following suggestions.

  • Don’t ever ignore the issue and wait for it to go away on its own.
  • Be gentle to your partner and rather than focusing on performance, focus on his health aspects.
  • Encourage him to go to the doctor and accompany him if possible.
  • Try and be honest with each other throughout.
  • Educate him regarding various ways apart from the invasive procedures, which once used to be the typical cure to erectile dysfunction. Even some simple pills can work wonders, such as Cialis for erectile dysfunction.
  • Never blame him or yourself for the condition, as it just happens owing to myriad reasons.
  • Be optimistic and encourage him to be positive as well, because erectile dysfunction treatments are often very successful.
  • Avoid erotic overdose, as it wouldn’t do any good but would make situation worse.

This dysfunction is a disorder affects men and women in a relationship in different ways. Some try their best to sweep issue under the rug while others decide to communicate openly with their partner. Willingness to communicate and diagnose are two qualities that enable partners to deal with ED effectively by finding a cure to erectile dysfunction. Women should support their man thoroughly and assure him of their unconditional love.

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