Facts and Figures, Causes, and Treatments: Here is all you need to know about premature ejaculation

You know premature ejaculation is a serious problem that needs tackling when you look at the statistics. As much as 20% – 30% men suffer from premature ejaculation on a regular basis; and yet, they remain silent about it.

Sexual and reproductive health issues are a taboo in numerous countries around the world. This means that the men suffering from premature ejaculation will feel uncomfortable even mentioning their problem to their closed ones or even a medical professional.

Facts and Figures on Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

Recent study on this reveals some astonishing results. When Men’s Health conducted a study to see how the male and female bodies sexually perform differently, some eye-opening facts and figures about premature ejaculation were revealed.

The survey concluded that merely 23% men felt that every time they have a sexual intercourse with their partner, they last long enough. On the contrary, a whopping 38% of women felt that their male sexual partners always last long enough during their sexual encounters. However, as opposed to 5% of men who think that they rarely last long enough while engaging in sexual intercourse, 6.5% of women think that their partners have difficulty lasting long enough almost every time during a sexual performance.

The above-mentioned statistics make it clear that numerous men and women do not address the issue of premature ejaculation since most of them are either over critical or under critical of their sexual performances. The second and more important reason this issue isn’t discussed regularly is because there is not compartmentalized definition of premature ejaculation. There is no set time frame that tells men and women for how long a sexual intercourse should last.

In such a scenario, it is important to understand why men suffer from premature ejaculation. Also, if men know that they are indeed suffering from premature ejaculation, what should they do about it? In other words, what are the symptoms, causes, and treatment for premature ejaculation?

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

Multiple factors can give rise to premature ejaculation. Common physical factors that can cause premature ejaculation include an overactive thyroid gland or an underactive thyroid gland, diabetes, irregular blood pressure, spinal injuries, and much more.

Alcohol addiction, drug abuse and compulsive smoking are some of the numerous harmful lifestyle habits that can make men victims of premature ejaculation.

Depression, anxiety, nervous panic attacks, and stress are some psychological factors that can cause premature ejaculation. If men have been through a major trauma in their lives, their chances of suffering from premature ejaculation increase manifold.

Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

The good news about premature ejaculation is that the issue can be treated. In numerous cases, simply having a constructive discussion with the partner help men feel positive about their sexual performance and in turn, help them increase the length of sexual intercourse.

Some men also prefer to treat premature ejaculation by attending counseling sessions or couple therapy sessions with their partners. This helps them to explore a myriad of sexual alternatives with their partners to improve their sexual lives.

Pelvic floor exercises are observed to be beneficial in the treatment of premature ejaculation. It strengthens the weak pelvic muscles, whereby men can increase their ability to delay their ejaculations for as long as possible.

If exercises, discussions, and counseling do not help in addressing the elephant in the room, safe, effective medication is another way by which the issue can be addressed and rectified. Oral medication such as antidepressants, Phosphodiesterase- 5 inhibitors, and analgesics help to delay ejaculation. SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are also used as a treatment for premature ejaculation, and they are known to improve the quality of sexual performances by 200% – 300% and are available from online pharmacies such as health express.

Premature ejaculation is a problem faced more commonly by men around the world than it may seem. Although it disrupts the sexual experience of men time and again, premature ejaculation can be delayed or treated to a great extent. Talking about the issue, seeking treatment for premature ejaculation, and being aware of symptoms and causes of the same can help men tackle the issue with sensitivity and sensibility.

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