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Drinking Habits can pile on serious calories


Weight is a problem for both a skinny person as well as an obese person. A skinny person is always after a diet that can give him some kilos to put on, whereas a fat person refrains from diets that can add that extra kilo to his body. Not just diet; there are certain drinks that are really effective in making someone gain weight, and if taken carelessly can even pile on serious calories in your body eventually making you obese. Following are such drinks that are good for skinny people but not that good for the ones who want to lose weight:

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the most relished drinks worldwide. Be it kids, young, or the old folks, everybody has a penchant for the rich taste of a hot chocolate drink. Milk, chocolate powder, sugar, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream make your glass of hot chocolate. It is loaded with calcium, vitamins, and calories. Have a glass of it on a regular basis if you are looking to put on some weight, but refrain if you want to lose weight.

Nutrition Waters

You get numerous nutrition waters in the market, which all claim to have some magical powers to take away all your laziness and tiredness, and to give you an energy choc filled day. They target the office goers by claiming that the drink revives your lost energy and keeps you alert and active the entire day. No doubt, it does what it claims but they never mention how. The boost that such energy drinks give you is because of the high content of sugar in them. The high sugar content can make you fat. The same boost can be experience if you take balanced diet and keep yourself hydrated with water.


Smoothie are the most tempting and fattening drink. A calorie rich drink contains yogurt, milk, ice cream, and fruits. The ingredients that make smoothie fattening are ice cream, chocolate syrups, sugar, non-organic peanut butter, protein powders. Cream soda, and whipped cream. You can well imagine that a glass full of smoothie can make you full of calories.

Coffee Drinks

Health conscious people stay away from those mouth-watering frappuccinos that are loaded with calories. Such people find it better to drink plain blends of espresso and milk, which they think is quite healthy, but reality is something else. Even an espresso and milk blend is also loaded with quite a calorie. A 20-ounce latte made with whole milk contains around 300 calories and 15 grams of fat, which increases in amount once you add sugar to it. If you want to make your latte less unhealthy, then add just a splash of cream and not a full glass of milk, and sugar free sweetener.


People prefer to have juices over aerated drinks just because they think them to be healthy. No doubt, they are healthy but they are fattening too. Be it apple juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, or grape juice, these all are loaded with too many calories. It is always better to have actual orange, grapes, or any other fruit rather than buying their juice from the market. If you eat a fruit as it is, you will get vitamin C along with a fair share of fiber.

Bubble Tea with Milk and Tapioca Pearls

Traditional bubble tea used to be a mix of black tea, condensed milk, honey and tapioca balls, but now bubble tea contains fruity teas that are jam packed with calories. You should stop its consumption or else you can be a fatso soon.

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