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Doctors should be encouraged for contributing to healthcare content creation

Doctors should be encouraged

Healthcare marketing is all about providing the best services and the most comprehensive information regarding the same to clients. Luckily we do not need to go far to get the information we need.

The doctors we work with can sometimes provide us with all the valuable knowledge we need. And this valuable knowledge can be turned into content which can benefit all the concerned parties. But how do you persuade a doctor to get involved with content creation when he is too busy managing patients? Here are some tips that may help you out.

Be Persuasive

Doctors tend to be busy throughout the day. So try to find the balance between persuasion and invasion of privacy. Respect your doctor’s time and wait patiently for his contribution. While putting your case forward, explain about inbound marketing and its benefits.

Explain how contributing to healthcare content would help benefit the hospital as well as the medical practice, including themselves. Give them the time they need to figure out how they can start contributing to content.

Show Proof with Successful Case Studies

It has been noted that a healthcare facility can experience an increase in their return of investment in marketing by at least 35%. Show examples of when having a doctor on board the content creation team worked out in favor of the board and the doctor. The more proof you show, the more appealing your idea would be.

Offer a Personalized Approach

Doctors have their individual preferences and requirements. Hence, you cannot expect all of them to adhere to the same goals and timings. They would also differ in their preferences of control, with some doctors wanting complete control of their content while others would be content with simply answering your questions and then allowing you to generate the content yourself. And then, there may be some who are not that interested in creating content, but would be more open to making videos and podcasts.

Whatever be the case, adjust your preferences accordingly. Be flexible enough to allow the doctor to choose which mode of communication suits him best. Doctors who stick to a format they like would be more open to share information with you than those who are forced to follow a model they do not like or hardly have any idea about.

Give them their time and space

A doctor is a doctor, not a content writer. That is your job. Hence, expecting them to dish out quality content at regular intervals can be too much to ask for. Give them their time and space. Do not pressurize them to follow a specific writing style. Rather, let them follow their own style. You can make the necessary adjustments to the content later on.

Give them the time they need to plan and create content. A good tip here is to plan your content calendar earlier. This way, you don’t need to worry about rushing the doctor for his content. Any delays can be adjusted within the deadline with ease.

Give them suggestions to start if they do not have an idea on how or where to start. Don’t ask for too much content as well if you can plan out your own content based on the keywords and notes that they provide. And last but not the least; allow them to review the completed work before you publish it. This would make them feel important, thus encouraging them to contribute more content in the days to come.

Enlisting doctors in the healthcare content can be beneficial for patients, doctors and the entire healthcare system. With the help of some really simple tips, you can persuade doctors to contribute to healthcare content, and benefit from the same.]]>

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