Dictum VER CLINIC enabling better care delivery in telemedicine

Dictum VER CLINIC telemedicine cart has brought in an enhanced solution of remote patient monitoring in the dynamic platform of telemedicine. As telemedicine evolves in newer forms enabling patient care everywhere anywhere, a better access to care and quality service matters most.


Telemedicine carts play a crucial role in delivering super quality image and data assisting in accurate diagnosis and follow ups for remotely located patients. With the growth of telemedicine facilities, these carts have turned out to be mandatory tools in remote patient monitoring. Advanced models with more diagnosis-assisting features are helping the clinics in a big way uplifting the quality of care and treatment accessibility.

Telemedicine carts come with complex telemedicine solutions useful for better patient handling and care delivery and are mostly used by larger health care systems or clinics. Interesting features and flexibility in the integrated telemedicine solutions installed are important criteria for the carts to be among the top preferences and Dictum VER CLINIC is a perfect representation of that.

Special features:

The sleek model holding the cyber-secure FDA 510k Class II IDM100 medical tablet with an easy-to-use interface catches the attention. Other notable features are:

  • Medtronic Genius 2 Tympanic Thermometer
  • Sun tech blood pressure cuffs
  • 12- lead ECG

The expandable platform has accommodation for:

  • Electronic stethoscope
  • 3-Lead ECG
  • Spirometry
  • Medical cameras

Enhanced patient care with Dictum VER CLINIC:

Dictum VER CLINIC telemedicine cart

Dictum VER CLINIC telemedicine cart has come up with an end-to-end solution that would accelerate patient care enhancing the productivity of healthcare providers as well. Its specialty lies in its exclusive Virtual Examination Room (VER) enabling a real-time patient-doctor interaction through an improved PTZ video conferencing camera.

Suitable for all types of clinics, Dictum VER Clinic assists in accurate patient monitoring even the critical conditions and diagnosis preventing the patients from repeated clinic visits or hospitalization. In certain critical conditions, Dictum VER clinic can be set up at home where an assistant may help out in guiding the operation.

The physician gets a complete and clear view of the patient almost similar to the real physician’s chamber experience, which can be projected on big screens through wireless enabled system. . It is worth mentioning, that Dictum’s Virtual Examination Room is already being used in telemedicine with its tablet based VER-MEDIC product.

This is highly satisfying both from the patient’s and physician’s perspective. Along with, the specialists can check the vital parameters like blood pressure and cardiopulmonary data, which are continuously streamed from the attached peripherals from the remotely located clinic.

The physicians with the real time data at hand can decide quick treatment plans allowing no room for deterioration of the patient condition. But VER-CLINIC is equipped with advanced integrated solutions with the inclusion of recently FDA approved Spirometry used for diagnosing COPD.

VER-CLINIC leaves a small footprint and due to its high mobility, it can be easily maneuvered between rooms and any corner of the floor of clinics or small-spaced urgent care facilities.

Empowering telemedicine facilities:

The growing need of telemedicine is felt everywhere and VER clinic with its patient centric approach is poised to expand the virtual clinical care by offering a higher quality service delivery to the unreachable.

With Dictum VER, it is possible to set up an immediate connection between the remotely located clinics to specialist physicians through video conferencing mode. The remotely located physician would be able to control the PTZ camera to get the required view of the patient in different angles.

Standing out in the market:

The successful application of telemedicine where geographical barriers cease to exist largely depends on the performance of telemedicine equipment. With a plethora of telemedicine solutions available, the market is highly competitive. To what extent the newly introduced Dictum VER CLINIC would help in accelerating patient care, time will only decide.

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