Dealing with fried foods, the villains of weight gain

Many of us feel guilty when we consume fried food items, especially when we are on a diet. What makes us guiltier is that, we know that greasy and fried food is bad for our health and still we eat such food.

Below are some facts about fried food, so that you are aware of the side effects of eating greasy and oily food.

Consider changing oil to avoid fat belly

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Many people choose cheap oil over high or good quality oil. Choosing cheap oil may save a bit on expenses, but it will leave you with more fats in the body. Fried food is not good for your health, but eating oily food prepared in cheap oil will make things worse. Cooking with cheap oil, your body is getting more bad fats, which not only make you fat, but also increase the risk for other problems like indigestion and obesity. While going risk free with oil is not an option, choose an oil that minimizes the risks and provides good fats as opposed to the bad fats that come with cheap oil.

Inculpate your genes

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Your genes may be your worst enemy when it comes to gaining weight. People must inculpate their genes or heredity for gifting them obesity. When these people eat more oily food, they tend to put on more weight as compared to another person. As their obesity is a gift from heredity, they cannot just ignore it. For such people it is more important to take care of what they eat. People who are genetically inclined towards obesity should take extra care of their diet. Consulting a doctor for a balanced diet can help.

Aftermath of fried food on health

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Food that we eat affects our mind and body. Unhealthy food results in weaker mind and body. Eating fried food is just a way to satisfy our taste buds. It may have satisfied the taste buds and cravings, but the long term effects are simply not worth the momentary pleasures of fried food. Bad eating habits will leave you at the best with a fat belly, and put you at a greater risk of diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Switch oily food with healthy food

 eating fruits

Knowing which food is making you fat and adding pounds to your weight is essential. Switch to healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Potato, sugar sweetened beverages, processed meats, and fried foods add fats to the body. Replace them with some healthy food like fruits, veggies, nuts, and regular exercise. Following a balanced and healthy diet can help you control your weight.


Fried food causes more weight gain. Adopting healthy diet and ignoring the junk and oily food will help you in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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