Chocolate diet

Have you heard about the Chocolate Diet? It's right, there is a diet named Chocolate Diet. Just like the name suggests, a dieter has to consume chocolate in order to gain health benefits. Not many would have expected chocolate to help weight loss. However, it's a fact that chocolate can help you lose weight.

Chocolate Diet

The diet allows an individual to lose up to 7pounds in 2weeks.  The diet is designed to cater the needs of those individuals who love to eat chocolate.

Excessive intake of chocolate is not good for health. The diet is a solution to this issue which majority of the people face around the globe as everybody loves to eat chocolate. Quitting chocolate is not a realistic scenario which is why this diet has been introduced so that people can fulfill their chocolate cravings while they are able to lose weight.

The diet defines 6 categories of chocolate eater. Every category must follow a specific diet and exercise plan to lose weight.

Romantics – Consume chocolate as a replacement for affection and love.

Secret Bingers – Hiding from other people and binge chocolate eating.

Sugar Addicts – Eating chocolate to gain energy.

Weekend Indulgers
– Celebrate weekends.

Premenstrual Cravers
– Eating chocolate during certain periods of month cycle.

Comfort Eaters
– Consuming huge quantity of chocolate in stress or fatigue.

Chocolate Diet Plan

Dieter is allowed to eat small portion of chocolate daily. Other foods that must be consumed regularly during this diet include mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, peppers and other vegetables. You must drink 2glasses of skim milk daily.

Allowing the person to have their favorite food daily reduces stress and cravings. Vegetables promote overall health and exercise helps in burning fat. You must consume all low calorie veggies during this diet such as tomato, watercress and spinach. Herbal tea is a good beverage to include in this diet plan.

Week 1
– Have 1000calories intake .
Week 2 – Have 1200 to 1300calories intake.

You must start your day with 250 calories breakfast. Have 2 small meals of 300 calories during the day. Lastly, have supper of 400 calories.

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