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Best natural sources of vitamin D3 for kids



It is important that your kid gets the recommended amounts of vitamin D3 in his growing years. Vitamin D3 helps in the absorption of minerals in the body that helps in building strong bones and teeth. According to researchers, deficiency of vitamin D3 in kids can cause rickets which is a disease that might in turn lead to fractures and bone deformities. It can also hinder genetic growth of your child and he may not reach the peak bone mass and programmed height according to his age. Apart from acting as a hormone, Vitamin D3 is also useful to maintain the immune system, helps in insulin production and regulates growth cells.

The primary source of Vitamin D3 is sunlight, however we list the best natural sources of vitamin D3 for kids. This list would help you decide on the diet that you may have to prepare for your child to ensure he gets sufficient amounts of vitamin D3.

Sun exposure

Vitamin D3 is also called sunshine vitamin. This is because when the skin is exposed to sunlight, it can receive vitamin D3. But your child’s body will not be able to receive sufficient vitamin D3 if covered with clothing or sunscreen. These blocks the sun rays from reaching the skin. Other reasons due to which vitamin D3 production is hindered from exposure to sun are clouds, smog, geographic location and dark skin.

Hence, it is important that your child is exposed to good sunlight. Preferably, expose your kid to early morning sun rays. 10-15 minutes of exposure of the face, arms, hands and back to the sun rays, twice per week is sufficient for your child’s body to receive enough Vitamin D3.



Most of the marine fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, shrimp, sardines and cod are very good sources of vitamin D3. Research also shows that among salmon fish, the ones that have been caught wild have more vitamin D3 than the non-organically farmed fish. It is recommended that your kid be fed the above mentioned fish at least twice in a week. This ensures that the vitamin D3 that is required by your child is met. Make some yummy delicacies with salmon, and your child will keep asking you for more.

Milk enriched with vitamin D3

There is milk available in the markets that is fortified with vitamin D3. As it is readily available, it saves you the pain of hunting for the appropriate vitamin D3 sources to feed your kid. You can find vitamin D3 fortified cow’s milk, vitamin D3 fortified soy milk and also rice drinks that has a good amount of vitamin D3. You can also try giving yoo-hoo which is a chocolate drink that has a good source of vitamin D3. You can consider changing milk every now and then, thus ensuring that your kid does not get bored with the same milk taste and also gets the sufficient vitamin D3 intake.

Egg yolks

Egg yolks are another good source of vitamin D3. A daily serving of a scrambled egg or an omelet can surely take care of all the vitamin D3 requirements of your kids. Research shows that an egg produced from a chicken fed with good amount of vitamin D3 has in fact sevenfold more vitamin D3 as compared to a normal egg. If your kid enjoys boiled egg, one whole boiled egg can be given every day. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your kid is getting enough amounts of vitamin D3 supply every day.






Mushroom is a natural and non-animal fat source of vitamin D3. Mushrooms are widely available anywhere. The best part is that they are not only tasty but also provide the human body some vitamin D3. Some stores sell mushrooms that have high vitamin D3 content. This is done by exposing the mushrooms to ultra violet rays, and hence the mushrooms would be boosted with immense vitamin D3. Studies also show that dried mushrooms have a higher content of vitamin D3. Just ensure that the mushrooms are sun dried, rather than artificially dried. Treat your kids once in a while to some mouth watering mushroom dishes to give them a healthy dose of vitamin D3.

Cod liver oil

If your child can tolerate the smell and the taste of cod liver oil, just one tablespoon of oil per day is sufficient to ensure that the vitamin D3 intake is taken care by your kid’s body. Cod liver oil is highly enriched with sunlight vitamin D3. Cod liver oil consumption in your child’s diet enhances his bone strength. As it has a high content of vitamin D3, it helps in prevention of osteoporosis and helps improve nervous system. If you are successful to give your child food prepared in cod liver oil, you sure are very effectively taking care of more than required amounts of vitamin D3 intake in your kid’s diet.

Fortified cereals

If you have habituated your child to have cereals as breakfast each morning, you have a much easy task to ensure that your child is getting the required amounts of vitamin D3. Most cereals sold in the market are fortified with essential vitamin D3 along with other nutrients. You need to read the label before purchasing any product as the nutritional value may vary from brand to brand. Research shows that 2 cups (approximately 100 grams) of fortified cereals per day takes care of the vitamin D3 intake for your kid for that day. You can combine the cereals that you are serving your kids with fortified dairy products. With this you are increasing the amount of vitamin D3 content in your kid’s diet.


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