Beauty hacks to deal with tanning and brassy hair this summer

Summer brings with it a fair share of beauty problems, skin and hair problems topping the list. Basking on the beaches, and swimming we all love to do when summers arrive but we all hate the after effect of these fun activities, i.e. sun scorched skin and brassy hair. The harmful UV rays, salt and chlorine in the water is what harms our skin leaving dark red painful marks on it, and the hair brassy.

Wax early

Your skin pores are already disturbed after you get a waxing done, and to top it you allow chlorine and sand to disturb them all the more, it is certain that you will get sunburn or some other skin trouble for sure. Therefore, ensure you get your waxing done two or more days before you plan to go swimming or for basking on the beach.

Condition them well

Your hair is like a magnet that attracts dirt and pollution, and the chlorine in water, which are deadly for your hair health. You must ensure that you give your hair a deep nice conditioning before you plan a day out in the sun, or you plan to enjoy long hours of swimming in the pool or sea.

Lemon juice

Lemon has some striking beauty factors that you must consider it for a number of beauty woes including tan removal. Apply lemon juice or simply rub a lemon slice on the affected areas and see how fast it takes away the tan and leave your skin in its natural color.

Tie up your hair

Hair let loose look good but not in summers, especially when plan a day out on a beach with all the sand there, and of course, the mighty sun shining upon you hard. You must try to have your hair tied, be it the beach you go out to or a swimming pool you choose for swimming. You can think of some fun hairstyles and some chic ponytails that serve two purposes altogether – keep your hair healthy and make you look good.

Protect color

Whether you have colored hair or they are natural, excess of sun exposure bleaches both types, leaving them dull, lifeless, and brassy. To escape this condition you ought to prepare a sunblock for your hair. The best and a harmless sunblock you can pick is a hat that covers all your hair, thus, protecting them from the harmful effects of the sun. There are also some sunblock hair sprays and serums on the market you can choose from.

Cut grease

Just as the oily skin aggravates skin problems, an oily scalp aggravates the hair problems. Our scalps become all the more oily in summers, which are like an open invitation to all the pollutants to come, attack our hair, and leave them brassy. Shampooing every day seems to be one ideal solution for this problem, and if you feel you have dry hair ends and an oily scalp then you shampoo your hair and then apply conditioner properly covering your hair until their ends.

Yogurt- Tomato Pack

Out of the many natural tan removers, the yogurt and tomato pack seems to be the most effective. This pack works as a skin toner opening skin pores and eliminating oiliness, tomato works on pigmentation and dark spots, and yogurt as you know is a natural bleaching agent.

Summertime is fun but not that much for your skin and hair. Heat from the sun, salt and chlorine from the water degrade the hair protein and damages the skin cells but not when you guard your hair and skin with the help of some beauty hacks.

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