Tuberculosis is a disease that affects the lungs. This disease is infectious and still one of the top causes of death all over the world. Some of the symptoms of this disease are fever, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Since it is a deadly disease, it is important that it should be detected right away so that it can be given the proper treatment.


To be able to diagnose tuberculosis, several tests must be conducted. These include knowing the medical history of the person, getting a chest x-ray, and doing a skin test. However, there is a new type of test that can be used instead of the skin test.

The Quantiferon tuberculosis test is said to be better than the skin test. Check out some of the benefits it offers.

Less possibility of a false positive

Sometimes, tuberculosis skin tests may bring out a positive result even when the person has never been exposed to the tuberculosis bacteria. With the Quantiferon test, there is less of that possibility to happen.

BCG vaccination does not affect it

For those who have gotten their BCG vaccination, there is the risk of getting a false positive when taking skin test. However, the good thing is that the quantiferon test is not affected at all by the BCG vaccine.

Less risk of having severe reaction


As antigens are introduced to the body in the skin test, the person undergoing the diagnosis may have severe allergic reaction to it despite not having tuberculosis. While allergies may not be that big of a deal compared to tuberculosis, it can still be extremely inconvenient. Taking a blood sample as opposed to a skin test means no allergic reaction.

Can be done in just one visit

TB skin test cannot be done in just one sitting, and this may prove inconvenient for those who are busy and cannot afford to take time off work to take the test. In the skin test, you would have to return so that they can check if anything has developed in the two days you were injected. With the Quantiferon, a blood sample is taken, so you don’t need to return.

Faster results are available 

In the skin test, it takes about 48-72 hours to determine if you have been exposed to tuberculosis. If the result is positive, there will be a red bump on your arm because the skin will have reacted to the antigens injected into it. But that bump only means you have been exposed to tuberculosis, it will not tell you how long you’ve been exposed and whether it is active or inactive. That will need more tests. However, with the new test, results available in as less as three days.

Tuberculosis is a serious disease. Make sure you watch out for symptoms and undergo test right away to avoid further damage to your lungs and health.

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