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What makes skylabstudio app a good choice – here’s the review

The sky always catches our attention, be it the changing colors throughout the day, or the differently sized clouds, or even the different species birds flying across and even the different colors of the sun from dawn to dusk. There is no doubt that the every changing beauty of the sky always gives us something new to see. Well as much as we would love to see this scenic beauty 24/7, the natural change is unstoppable, however, you now have the ability to have it right on your desktop.

If you are wondering how, or even thinking about the various images of the sky that is available to download, well there is one more option that is available for you and that is through the app called skylabstudio.

So what is this app all about? Well read on more to find out

Curated content that will tinkle your eyes

As a replacement of the sky on your photographs, you have the option to choose from a variety of sky images that are available with the skylabstudio collection. Using the help of innovative and user friendly controls, you can bring life into your photographs just by the click of the button. Be it different photos that reflect the sun rise or the varied colors during the sunset, you will gain access to the various images as soon as you download the app.

Put in a few elements and make your photos come alive

Want to add that special touch to your photographs? Well look no further, forget the various photo editing software’s that are available in the market because skylabstudio lets you add the elements of your choice easily. From differently sized trees to the various species of birds and other such natural beauties, you have it all under one roof. You also have the benefit of making changes to the weather conditions so that you get the desired effect. Along with that, for those who want to add the touch of lightning flashes, well there is something in store for you within the editor of the app. You can also bring in the Milky Way or the star field.

The Pro features and image editor for that master touch

With this app, you also have the benefit of different pro features that will give your photograph that special finish. This app comes with features like RAW file support, 64 bit pipeline and even 16 bit color. You also have various in- app purchases that can be done based on what you are looking out for. Along with that, you also have a user friendly editor that lets you make the necessary changes. This editor is easy to understand and will have you working like a pro within a few minutes.

Online tutorials on how to use the app

For those who love to get a clear understanding of how an app works, you have the option to view various online tutorials that show you what all can be done through the app. These tutorials give you a clear idea of how to use the app. Along with that; you can also learn a few tricks of the trade to master using the app in the best way possible.

The realistic finish to your photo editing

Many a times when you use a photo editing software, the results easily point out to the fact that software was used. In the case of the skylabstudio app, you will get a clear and clean finish which will confuse everybody who sees the photos. Even your friends and family will take the edited photographs as real ones. This is one of the best features and aspects of using this particular app.


Given the fact that there are various kinds of sky-replacement apps in the market, skylabstudio seems to have won the hearts of its users. Not only is the subscription fee economical, however, the results of using the app is worth every penny spent. The options are endless, but what is even more better is the fact that you can easily go ahead and push in any effect that you want,  If you are a person who loves to enhance your photos or want to bring a new look to it, then skylabstudio is something that is worth considering.

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