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Upcoming Nokia PureView models could be leaner, with no 41MP sensor

Alright, here’s something for all those who were hanging onto their hats for Nokia to imbue high megapixel sensors in their imminent mobile devices’ twiggy chassis. Well to get down to brass tacks, the Finnish Company has just rendered an apparent insight into their future Nokia PureView handsets which will (to go by the wind) embrace more slender frames and slip on banking the same 41 megapixel camera. While the upcoming models will make the grade for style conscious users, but those with fervor for detailed photography may get to arch their shoulders.Nokia 808 PureView

Although Nokia literally swept almost everyone off their feet when they released the 41MP PureView 808, but the focus has been more on the overall functionality and performance rather on their embedded megapixels power. In fact, the smartphone never stepped back from affirming ‘it’s not about megapixels’. But to be on the up and up, PureView 808 is indeed the world’s first mobile device to have equipped an incredibly high 41 megapixel sensor.

For those who are still unaware of what PureView offers, the handset features a beautifully slim body with elegant components stretched across pretty nattily. Apart from the astounding stills that it promises for, the device also gets loads of points for bringing users 1080p video recording and 4x digital zoom. While the integrated camera functions match the strengths more with some high-end digital cameras out there, the sleek 808 still prefers to rest under the ‘smartphone’ category.

However if we go by a head at Nokia, the future PureView phones could be slimmer, with different camera sensor. That is certainly not bad news for all those who are looking forward for a new Windows Phone PureView. Although the Finnish Company is yet to divulge further details on the same, but we don’t think anyone would really mind if a few megapixels get chopped off the massive 41MP.

Via: Engadget

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