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Spoke – An app that enables the disabled

It is a known fact that democracy often becomes the rule of the majority with the minorities either uncared for or neglected. Though this is not the intention, it somehow ends up as a consequence. Thus it is, that the physically challenged and the disabled get neglected in a society that is largely constituted by normal people. And so, even when it comes to public spaces, the construction is largely disabled-unfriendly. Changing the world is not an easy task, but it has to begin somewhere. Here is a mobile app that plans to make life easier for the physically challenged.

Spoke Mobile Application

Spoke is a mobile application that has a five star rating in helping users find the wheel-accessible public spaces. Governments have passed regulations and made rules stating the conditions to make public spaces more accessible for the members of the society that depend on wheels. For reasons that range from financial to planning, these stipulations have not been adhered to in every place. It is here that the usefulness of Spoke can be discovered. Spoke can be easily loaded on to any smart phone and people who depend on either wheelchairs or strollers benefit from it.

The app comes with a hands-free, voice recognition that can read the users input of his/her location. The voice recognition and loud speaker interface is a boon for people who are visually impaired. Since it is GPS enabled, it quickly makes a search of locations that feature wheel-accessibility. The app also features a map view of the locations and use the help of a color code to depict those areas and spaces that are friendly for the disabled people.

There are many other options too. For instance, you could browse by text or by location names and genres. The results get filtered based on the proximity to the user. The user thus gets results which are highly relevant for him/her. Once the choice of location is made, the directions and guidance are available in visual or audio form.

Another feature of the app is that the user can rate the helpfulness of the result. Based on the reviews and ratings, the app will evolve intelligently. The other users now benefit from the reviews and a community can grow. This functionality and ease of use of this app is what endears it to the users. The name, the logo and the wireframes for the app have all been designed based on its functionality. It is evident that a lot of thought has gone into every aspect of its development and design.

Via: Behance.net

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