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Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch Phone: Review

Spice Mobile has come up with its innovative smartwatch that also acts like a phone. The company has just launched the Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch Phone, which is a wearable device. It has been launched in Indian markets at a reasonable price.


Spice Smart Pulse M-9010 is a wearable phone that has a stylish steel finish around its screen. The color combinations can be altered by changing the strap of this smartwatch phone. In all customized combinations, this gadget looks classy in appearance. The device has a 1.6-inch display with a touch-screen interface. Its display is clear and smooth. Further, this device features Bluetooth and WAP/GPRS/EDGE connectivity options. It also has FM Radio and a nice audio and video player.


This new dual-SIM device offers standalone phone functionality. Using Bluetooth, it allows you to access any Android smartphone. You get a good access to your messages and can easily take and make calls through this wearable gadget. Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch Phone comes with an expandable memory of up to 8 GB. It works on a 420mAh battery. This device also features a camera with flash that helps you in capturing fine images. Otherwise, it also lets you capture pictures remotely using your Smartphone’s camera. By using Bluetooth, this gadget can easily control pictures, gallery and music on your phone.


Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch Phone is highly useful as a smartwatch, as well as a wearable phone. It not only supports in good music streaming and capturing images in multiple ways, but also allows you to check and make phone calls. All its phone features are like bonus to those who are simply looking for a wearable smartwatch. This device is offering you something more than expected at an excellent price.

Support services

The company is providing a free Bluetooth headset with this gadget in order to enhance its functionality and usefulness for users. In addition, the product will be sold through several television networks so users can easily purchase it without facing any hassles.

Value for money

Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch Phone is available at a price of around $66, which is highly reasonable and affordable. This device is truly some good value for money and can be a great buy for anybody searching for a quality wearable gadget.

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