If you always forget to shop for a few items when you go for bulk shopping, here is a new app to support you with this task. The supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has developed an app that gives you a complete list before you start shopping. Check out what this new app has more in store for you.

Appearance –

For all smart shoppers, it is essential to do the right purchases in a quick manner. The Sainsbury’s app may now help you with this task through its smart features. Since the app is in its testing phase, the exact details are not available about its working and appearance. However, it is expected that the app will have a simple user interface in order to facilitate shopping practices of customers. It will also have a scanning feature to help users in scanning their purchased products so they may add these items directly to their shopping basket without spending time on the real checkout process. The app is further expected to have features to support users in creating their pre-shopping lists and in finding those items in the store.

Performance —

While the actual performance of this app will come to notice when it is out of its testing phase, it can still be expected to work efficiently because it is aimed at helping users in performing their shopping tasks faster and easier.

Ease of use —

You will find it easier and simpler to download and use this app. It can be effective in making a quick list of products you need and checking them out even quicker.

Usefulness —

The Sainsbury’s app not only helps you in planning for your shopping, but can also facilitate quicker purchases by making you locate the desired items in Sainsbury’s stores and scanning those items for direct purchases and checkout. You may not only be able to fill your basket on the go, but may also be able to use your phone to guide you to the locations where your desired products are available. If you are not the one to get involved in bargains and wish to need to pay and rush out of the shopping store quickly, then this app is almost perfect for you.

Value for money –

As the app is under trials, its price is not yet decided. If it would be freely available to use, then certain groups of users may receive great value for their money. However, many users may not like to pay for an app that has limited and specific usage.

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