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LinkedIn job search app for iPhone: Review

It is very important to stay ahead of your competitors while applying for a job and going for an interview. To support your job search through varied types of information, LinkedIn has launched its new job search app for iPhone.


LinkedIn has designed its new job search app for iPhone users. With its useful features, this app comes out to be a winner when we talk about its performance. It offers streamlined job search options to active jobseekers that do not get time to search for fresh jobs and apply to them instantly. Thus, it increases their chances of landing up with a good job as people can use this app to search and apply for jobs on the very first day of the job’s posting. Doing this gives them a great edge. This app not only pulls out relevant jobs based on your required criteria, but also supports in gathering useful information related to these jobs. Additionally, users’ activities are kept discreet on this app and are not shared on their LinkedIn networks.


The new job search app from LinkedIn is highly useful as you may be able to find a job based on several criteria, such as company, location, industry, title and seniority level. You can customize your search. In addition, it lets you find a job according to your interests. For this purpose, you may conduct research on the company, its history and services, its executives or its employees in your LinkedIn network. All this information may help you in making the right choices about posted jobs. If you become interested in any of these jobs, then you can also directly apply using this app.

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Ease of use

This new app makes it easy to find and research, as well as to apply for relevant jobs. You can search for a job at your own comfort, even when you have some spare time in your office. You can simply check this app on your phone to land up with a nice job. It ensures to consider your interest in specific types of jobs and informs about their expiry dates and your application statuses by sending notifications. Thus, you need not to do much work.


The high-quality app offers a variety of job search and supportive features to users. Based on your saved searches, profile and viewed jobs, this app can recommend wonderful opportunities that might be lucrative for you.

Value for money

This app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store. Thus, it is definitely a full-value app. However, it is still restricted to the United States users.


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