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G Data Secure Chat rides on the premise of safety and privacy

G Data Secure Chat
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G Data Software AG, a German firm, has recently come up with its app for secure communication and instant messaging on Android smartphones. The app is called G Data Secure Chat. While the company claims strong data encryption, let us see how the app actually behaves.


If you always remain concerned about the security of your identity and data while communicating to your family and friends on an instant messaging or chatting app, then here is an effective solution in the form of G Data Secure Chat. This app is quite useful for protecting the privacy of your personal messages, videos, and images through data encryption.

It not only saves you from surveillance programs, but also gives you effective protection against various spy programs, malware, and theft. Further, it is good help when you can access all your phone contacts in a protected space and back up your chats to your SD card. Thus, secure communication is far easier with this app.

Value for money

The app is definitely worth trying, as it is available on Play Store for free.


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G Data Secure Chat has an instant messaging service that lets you chat with friends in a secure environment. You can chat to individuals, as well as in groups. It also offers an option to send encrypted SMSs. The app includes a self-destruct timer that can be used to delete your sent messages after a set time.

However, these messages are only deleted on the recipient’s phone. Still this feature helps to avoid showing your messages on social media or other online locations. There is also an option of blocking unwanted messages. Besides having value-adding features, the app does not appeal much with its cluttered look. It is like any simple instant messaging app with basic chat features.


Based on elliptic curve encryption, the app works through a password that is required to read messages at both ends, which means that both sender and receiver of the message will need to have this password on their smartphones. While it may be troublesome in some group chat cases, the encryption provided by this app is effective to a large extent.

Since it offers end-to-end encryption of transferred data, it is only the users who will be able to access the communication content. The app also works satisfactorily while protecting your data from the instant messaging service itself.

Ease of use

G Data Secure Chat is a simple-to-use app that can be easily handled by almost every type of user.

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