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Exciting Smart Innovations That Are Changing The World

Cloud computing, one of the smart innovations, can reduce these costs if properly employed. If you don’t employ the cloud correctly, it may end up being more of a liability than a cost-saver. You’ve got to have failover protections installed. And you’ve got to cut redundant operations after you employ the more efficient cloud solutions.

There are many costs to doing business that often go unconsidered until they backhand a business owner in the wallet. One of those is the cost of moving and storage. Another is the cost of maintaining infrastructural needs, like those involved in data, and those involved in personnel management. Cloud computing substantially reduces these costs.

Additionally, using the cloud to its fullest extent is absolutely necessary if you’re going to see the advantages you desire. This means using big data applications, and even optimizing manufacture and/or production. There’s something called “smart” manufacturing which is optimizing industrial organizations the world over.

What Is Smart Manufacturing?

Smart manufacturing is a process by which Internet of Things devices monitor equipment as well as general operations in order to send that information up the chain to managers who can accordingly optimize.

Such information can reveal whether certain device components are cost-effective. We can maximize machine life and continually shave expenses on a yearly basis until they reach a level of optimization that is hard, if not impossible, to over-reach. At least, until the next tech development comes along.

Today, many manufacturing organizations use just these kinds of techniques to both expedite their creation of parts, and to give those parts more quality. When you can use computational data that provides figures in real-time, suddenly it’s able to identify patterns that couldn’t identify otherwise.


Weiss-Aug is one of many manufacturers that use modern technology in order to continuously optimize their output. Additionally, as technology develops, it develops more quickly. This is in accordance with Moore’s Law, which points to a doubling of technological power every one to two years—depending on the source you use to define Moore’s Law.

If we split the difference at 18 months, then in less than 5 years, you will have seen technological capability double three times. That’s pretty intense to consider, and is ample reason for businesses to continuously maintain a balance on the cutting edge of operational tech.

If your business doesn’t, then it’s very likely another business will. To remain properly competitive in today’s marketplace requires being “on the ball”, as the saying goes. You must remain abreast of technological developments or risk becoming irrelevant in the marketplace.

Thankfully, today’s tech can literally cut tens of thousands from the budget of even a modest business. Additionally, you can see qualitative increase in output while you save money. It’s a win-win scenario from several angles.

Final Thoughts

Ensure you choose qualitative tech solutions, any of those smart innovations, however. And you may want to phase up gradually—one department at a time. One thing about technology is that due to its rapid pace of development, oftentimes glitches and bugs characterize new solutions. But because of competition, you can’t wait for those to be ironed out with time and troubleshooting. You’ve got to employ them anyway.

So when something new comes out, gradually unveil it across operations. If it’s a new component in a vehicle or something of the kind, make a limited run and test them—you get the idea. If you’re careful, smart innovations rapid pace will be a good friend to your business.

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