is a new name given to the Lift app offered by Lift Worldwide. This app is not simply limited to coaching you regarding your health and fitness goals, but also supports you in becoming productive in any desired area.

Appearance – has an effective user interface that is simple and easy to navigate. The app can be set towards more than 200,000 goals. There is support provided not only by experts, but also by other community members who are working toward similar goals. Whether you wish to set reminders for your goals or want an expert coach to help you personally, this app allows you to take benefits of all its features. You can easily use its advice, prompting and motivation features to work toward your goals.

Performance —

The app has been designed for both iOS and Android devices. This coaching platform works effectively while setting up multiple goals, tracking progress or receiving paid expert coaching. It hardly presents any technical snag while using it.

Ease of use —

The app is quite easy to use. It has simple features that allow you to set as many goals as you want. You can set all types of goals, ranging from personal growth to learning a technical skill. It simple settings allow you easy customization.

Usefulness —

Whether you need to take coaching on meditation or to stop smoking, can help you with your personal, professional and life goals. It allows community members to coach each other through Q&A sessions and offers support by tracking and analyzing your goals and efforts. It motivates you through a celebration of your goal achievement.

The app additionally has featured plans to provide expert guidance on several types of goals. It is highly useful for people who require systematic guidance and are ready to work toward their goals. While the app is efficient in recording your progress and significant milestones, it is also effective at reminding you of your targets when you ignore things.

Value for money –

Although the app is free to download on your mobile devices, you will have to purchase a package when you want to take one-on-one coaching from experts. Even though this app is quite effective in helping you to meet your goals, it is worthwhile to pay for personal coaching only when you are completely dedicated toward achieving those goals.

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