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Best Android smartphone apps for engineers

Smartphone applications have helped all sorts of professionals; Engineers are not an exception too. In fact, engineers rely on computer programs to perform repetitive tasks which let them avoid human errors and minor mistakes, especially when working on colossal projects and researches.The advent of smartphones have made their job easier by means of custom designed applications. As mobile phones are highly portable, Engineers can utilize the advantages of smartphones at the comfort of their handsets, despite their location at the client site or at office. Some of the best Android applications that are developed for engineers are listed here.

Marine Engineers Reef Aquarium

Reef Aquarium is a free application that helps Marine engineers by providing latest information about corals, useful products, reviews, fishes and their lifestyles, etc., at the comfort of their handsets. Instant updates and news will keep the Marine engineers updated about the latest happenings in the relevant industries. This application is compatible on smartphones that run on Android version 2.2 or other higher versions.

Engineering Unit Converter

As there are several unit systems followed across the world, Engineers would definitely come across a situation where they have to convert one set of units to their standard system for convenience. Performing this task manually is quite easy; but, it becomes monotonous and tiresome, if done repetitively. This application will let Engineers to make such conversions within a few seconds. Its user-friendly interface is built with a spinning wheel theme that lets users to choose the two required units from a list of 50 categories.

Engineering libraries

‘Engineering libraries’ is a free application that helps civil engineers and professionals in the construction industries with information about various materials like steel, wood, soil, concrete, etc. Smartphones that have Android 1.6 or higher versions will support this application.

Engineering Dictionary

As the name describes, Engineering dictionary contains definitions and meanings for more than 5000 engineering terms. Though this application is developed for engineers, any user with Android powered smartphones can install it for free.

TF2 Soundboard – Engineer

For the sound enthusiasts, TF2 soundboard is an audio treat. This free application let users to enjoy 50 different sound clips that are based on one of the popular games, Team Fortress 2. Users may enthrall their loved ones by setting these audio clips as ringtones or alert tones in their handsets.

Engineering Handbook

Engineering handbook is a free application with quick access to various engineering concepts including formulas, numbers, components, materials, dimensions, weights, gears and lots more. Instead of wasting reams of paper, this smart application helps engineers to make calculations and apply concepts within a few seconds and at ease. Smartphones with Android 2.1 or higher versions support this application.

Engineer Companion

Engineer companion is a set of useful tools that bring information about various scientific tables and related stuff. The periodic table which you might have learned in your high school syllabus is the first tool unveiled through this application. This application is compatible with Android based smartphones that runs on version 2.2 or higher.

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