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Antix app – Review

Do you want to highlight the best of your sports action moments? If yes, then you may now do it very easily with the help of an app called Antix. Launched by GoPro, Antix it is an auto-editing app that can edit your already shot videos at adventure sports or in action.

Appearance –

This app looks classic and simple. Antix has several features that support the auto-editing of your action footage.While its GoPro Control option allows you to control your GoPro cameradirectly from this app, its Footage Auto Edited feature prepares the highlights of your action sequence. You can get these highlights straight into your profile. Additionally, this app awards points for your mastered tricks. Your Score Points can make you go trendingin the user community. If you wish to see the location of your action sport trick on an interactive map, then this app can also help you with it. The app can also display your session’s highlights and allow you to share your videos on varied social networks.

Performance —

Antix works smoothly and efficiently on Web, as well as on your Android device. The performance of this app is based onthe Antix Capture Technology, which is used to identify your movements and tag them automatically. To analyze your movementfurther, your smartphone’s sensor is utilized. This sensor also tracks your performance during the action sequence. The Antix app is quite effective when it comes to capturing your movement and footage, as well as editing the footage to develop your highlights.

Ease of use —

The Antix app can be used quite easily. It is simple to record your action session by pressing the camera button. Make sure that you have selected the GoPro option from your Wi-Fi settings before you start recording. After your recording is done, you may shift to your regular Internet connection that will help you to upload data in an automatic way. Then, the app does the rest of its editing work. There is hardly anything for you to do, apart from enjoying your sports session.

Quality —

This is a high-performance and intelligent app that can automatically edit your captured movements in a video. The quality of this app is very decent and you may not face any significant technical issue.However, the app only supports GoPro Hero3 and GoPro Hero3+ camera models as of now.

Value for money –

The app is free to download and offers good value on use.


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