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6 Features of Android Spy App You Must Explore with XNSPY

Research proves that the millennials are proving to be too smart and too curious about everything. They have made their mark in the world as the start of a new generation of kids who are too smart to handle. This nature has made them more liable to getting into trouble by putting themselves in the wrong places at the wrong time, be it in their personal lives or in a corporate setting.This is why; the need to create a foolproof app that can allow anyone to get into the curious nature of millennials became a matter of urgency.

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XNSPY as an android spy app that works for non-nerdy parents who want to keep a close eye on their kids. XNSPY has become one of the most preferred android spy app in use over the past few year since it came into the market because it offers six amazing features that most other spy apps do not offer. According to TechFlow, the verdict on XNSPY is that it is a lucrative android spy app and iPad spy app, which offers customers a wider range of options. The post reads, “It is a useful and valuable, product for most, if not all, businesses and parents and gives the user a complete and no-holds-barred experience, all in a covert package ready from the get-go.”

What XNSPY Offers

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  1. Phone Logs – Youcan get into the phone logs of your target’s phone to screen the numbers he or she often contacts. If you are suspecting some unwanted people who have been speaking to your target, XNSPY will show you every outbound and inbound calls and SMS history. You can know exactly when the calls or SMS happened, and you can see the location of the numbers in the history at that time.
  2. Gmail –Unlike other android spy apps, XNSPY allows you to check the target’s Gmail and screen all emails sent and received. You can read the entire email and check the dates and timings when the correspondences happened.
  3. Contact List – This feature allows you to spy into the contacts of your millennial. You can know who are his or her favorites and mark people by adding them to your watch list. Immediately such contacts contact your teenager, you will receive a notification on your control panel so that you can take necessary measures to prevent your child from getting into a mess with the wrong person.
  4. Internet History Logs – Youcan check the websites your teen visits and you can check how frequently he or she visits these sites. XNSPY displays the number of times he or she visits the websites at a glance. You do not have to go into other tabs to check this detail, which makes using XNSPY a user-friendly app that works for people who are not tech savvy. Most android spy app do not offer this feature.
  5. Installed Apps – You can also keep an eye on the installed apps you teenager uses. If you have concerns about too much use of game apps or apps that can cause mischief, this feature allows you to take action. You can uninstall the app from your control panel without letting your child know you did it. It will seem like a system failure or that the app did not install and it vanished.
  6. Remote Commands – You can use the control panel to send remote commands to the target’s phone. This feature gives you access to tools like Record Surround, Lock Phone, Wipe Phone, and Take Screenshots. Therefore, you can listen to anything you want, lock the phone to make it inaccessible, wipe the unwanted data on the phone, or take screenshots if you want to intervene on unwanted things that the teen does, with proof. Although other android spy apps offer this feature, it is not as simple to use as it is in XNSPY.

Overall, using XNSPY is much easier and affordable than using other android spy app.

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