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Getting things right: Destination enquiries, family history, and check-ups

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When finalizing your medical travel, you should get in touch with the hospital where your pre-op consultations will be located and ask about different things, such as the treatment location, treatment procedure and the availability of transfer facility after you go through the surgery. It is important for you to ask your treating facility about the transfer services post-surgery, as you might have to make the transportation arrangements yourself if they are not providing the transfer facility.Enquire as much as you can


Before you embark on a medical journey to a foreign country, you should completely understand your healthcare condition and the recommended treatment. Once you have chosen the hospital or the clinic abroad, you should initiate communication immediately in order to make your medical vacation as smooth and safe as possible. Most of the certified healthcare facilities abroad have the international patient department to ease the process of communication. You can contact them via telephone or email and ask them about various things related to the healthcare facility or the doctor who will treat you. You can also take advantage of telemedicine to receive information from your potential provider.

It is important to enquire about the treating facility’s standards and its history of serving overseas patients. Moreover, you should also enquire and ensure that the chosen hospital has international accreditation. The most important person you should be communicating with is your doctor. You should consult in detail about your medical condition and the treatment options. It is important to know that you are receiving surgical treatment or any other medical treatment from certified and experienced medical professionals. You can also use the internet to know more about your treating facility and the services they provide to the patients.

Family history


In order to receive accurate online consultation and ensure a successful treatment overseas, it is important for a medical tourist to collect and create a detailed family and medical history. The detailed reports will help the physician or surgeon abroad to review the nature of your ailment in a better way. You should document and store all the relevant family medical conditions, current and previous medications, and other key information, as it could help your treating doctor to decide the best course of action for your case.

Your treating physician or surgeon can go through your complete family and medical history to know more about your health condition. Before you get in touch with the healthcare provider in a foreign country, you should have all the documents of your medical history at hand. It will ease and speed up the entire process of your medical treatment.

Getting pre-operative medical check-up done

 pre-operative medical check-up

If you are traveling as a patient to another country for low-cost, high quality medical treatment, you can expect to undergo a number of medical screenings and tests. This is a mandatory requirement for all new patients, as the treating facility overseas does not have any prior records of your health condition. Therefore, the medical tourists should perform all the necessary medical tests in their home country, which will save you both time and money during your trip overseas. You can collect the test reports from your local physician and bring the copies of these documents along on your medical journey.

Pre-operative medical check-up is also important to ensure if you can travel safely in an airplane for long hours without developing health troubles. Medical screening may include the examinations of important body systems to assess the state of your health. A potential medical tourist should always consider speaking with the local physician and taking a second opinion.

Medical tourism providers and healthcare facilities abroad usually urge all the medical tourists to do as many tests as possible in their home country related to their condition. If you are traveling abroad for affordable and quality healthcare services, you should get the pre-operative medical check-up done in time.

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