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Guide to reputed drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers for medical tourists

drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers for medical tourists

Drug abuse and alcohol consumption continues to be a major problem. The myriad side effects of these habits have forced individuals to look out for rehabilitation centers where they can get respite from drug and alcohol abuse. Although many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers around the world offer generalized programs like Quest 2 Recovery in Lancaster which suit every individual with the problem, substance abuse needs to be dealt with in a personalized manner.

Each individual will have different problems relating to the condition, with his/her level of seriousness also varying significantly. As such, these individuals would need to be offered customized treatment plans that would work with their body conditions and constraints to cure them from substance abuse as well as the emotional problems related to the same.

Why drug and alcohol rehabilitation?

opiod epidemic

The US has been witnessing epic proportions of opiod epidemic. Similar crisis is also prevailing in other developed nations. It is a long wait for addicts to get due attention for the related treatments in their own country. The cost is astronomical. In the US, one month stay in a drug and alcohol rehab centers could be anything between $10,000-$30,000. Most of these are high-end establishments meant for the privileged class but the problem is quite widespread that is creating a serious burden in the country’s healthcare. Many patients in the US suffering from addiction side-effects are under insured with their health insurance not providing full cover for this treatment. Privacy and confidentiality is another factor as getting treatment in a rehab is likely to be stigmatized.

The biggest plus point of drug and alcohol rehab centers for medical tourists in different destinations are developed in such a manner that the person does not feel like a patient undergoing some serious therapies. Treatments and therapies provided amid natural and tranquil settings allow individuals to recover at their own pace without nurturing any guilt or low self-esteem. Away from the known circle, the person under treatment feels secured without having to face any kind of embarrassing situation.

Reputed drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the world for medical tourists:

You may be looking for tips to choose the suitable drug and rehabilitation center, the following list will make things easier for you.

Thamkrabok Monastery, Thailand

Thamkrabok Monastery, Thailand

Image Source : wat-thamkrabok.org

Located in the Saraburi Province, the Thamkrabok Monastery has one of the most grueling drug rehabilitation programs in the entire world, with 100% success rates of course. Visitors to the monastery would need to undertake all kinds of recovery treatments, including staying in spartan accommodations and experiencing strong counseling sessions to get rid of their habits. The monastery focuses on instilling the confidence in individuals to aim for a better life and commit themselves to achieving it no matter what. Other notable mentions are very efficient drug rehab centers in Ontario, Canada.

The Sanctuary Byron Bay, Australia

man receiving deep tissue massage session

This drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is one of Australia’s most sought after retreats for its one of a kind exclusive drug and alcohol treatment programs. Situated along Australia’s striking coastline, the retreat combines both alternative and traditional treatments to help individuals recover from their addictions. The Sanctuary Byron Bay is known for its physiotherapy, meditation, yoga and deep tissue massage sessions. The retreat is also pet friendly which would be a great comfort for those who prefer to have their pets with them while recovering from their addictions.

DARA Thailand

DARA Thailand

Image Source : dararehab.com

DARA Thailand has earned the distinction of being one of the best drug and alcohol rehab centers in the entire world. The center has two branches which are located in Chanthaburi and the Koh Chang Island respectively, and offers a slew of personalized treatment programs incorporating yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture, swimming, and Tai Chi, etc. to treat substance abuse. Guests can choose from a myriad of customized programs spanning from anywhere between 30 and 90 days for their treatment.

Passages, California

Passages, California

Image Source : cdn.passagesmalibu.com

Located in Malibu, Passages is a luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that is a hotspot with celebrities trying to kick these habits. Some of the impressive amenities in it include a swimming pool, tennis courts, gym and a Jacuzzi. The retreat is widely renowned as one of the first centers to skip menial labor as part of the rehab program. Rather, the center focuses on making its clients as comfortable as possible during their stay, thus allowing them to focus on their health with minimal intrusions.

Harmony Place, California

Harmony Place, California

Image Source : harmonyplace.com

Located again in bustling Malibu, Harmony Place is a drug and alcohol rehab center that caters specifically to women. The center is widely recognized for its exclusive treatment programs that not only focus on substance abuse treatment, but help participating women deal with the depression and trauma related to these habits as well. The 12 step holistic treatment plan offered by the center allows women to regain control of their lives again in a peaceful and stress free manner.

Hope by the Sea, California

Hope by the Sea, California

Image Source : hopebythesea.com

Located in Orange County, Hope by the Sea is a residential drug and alcohol treatment center which offers guests the chance to enjoy a new life surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and striking views of the beach. The center is famous for its Saddleback Church treatment option that aims on treating individuals based on Christian principles.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers around the world known for excellent but low cost treatment

Sanur based rehab in Bali

Sanur based rehab in Bali is one of the affordable alternative to Rehab in Sydney, and best of all we have places available at affordable prices. Other treatment options such as The Sydney Hand Rehabilitation Centre, or The Cabin rehab treatment center. These are suited for people on limited budget and needs treatment for Addiction and Drug & Alcohol Recovery.

Genesis Sober Living, U.S.A

Genesis Sober Living, U.S.A

Image Source : genesis-soberliving.org

Located in Cheviot Hills, California, the Genesis Sober Living center has over 24 years of experience in treating several drug/alcohol addicts, combating even serious cases with ease. The center’s recently opened outpatient feature allows individuals to attain the perfect balance between residential treatment and sober living. The men’s only center is world famous for its Spartan therapies and offers comprehensive programs ranging from primary and extended to even aftercare options.

Serenity House, Spain

woman opted to travel to drug and alcohol rehab center

A lot of individuals are opting to travel to drug and alcohol rehab centers to kick out their old habits and start life afresh. From offering the best facilities and services for the most affordable costs, these are some of the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the world.

The Serenity House Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Spain is recognized as one of the top rehabilitation centers in the whole world. Considered to be the oldest and most reputed private addiction facility in Spain as well, the center offers several rehab programs to deal with a variety of addiction problems related to drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling, etc.

The 12-step addiction treatment programs offered by Serenity House are world renowned for their effectiveness, and are available for extremely affordable prices.

Crossroads Centre, Antigua

Crossroads Centre, Antigua

Image Source : crossroadsantigua.org

This international center for healing is located on the island of Antigua, and is dedicated to helping addicts rid themselves of their habit and start life afresh. The center provides residential care treatment options that are highly personalized to meet individual constraints. Rather than strictly sticking to the treatment alone, the center also focuses on helping individuals overcome their guilt and shame in the journey to self-healing from addiction related problems.

Access Malibu

Access Malibu

Image Source : accessmalibu.com

Located in Malibu, the Access Malibu Center can only be considered a pioneer in redefining the recovery process related to addiction. Set amidst a therapeutic backdrop, the center focuses on providing guests with highly customized treatment options that are combined with comfortable accommodations, balanced healthy meals and several physical/spiritual programs to clear the mind and body of the addiction completely. Individuals visiting Access Malibu can get access to these as well as several other rehab programs at the most affordable costs in the entire region.

Cottonwood Tuscan

Cottonwood Tuscan

Image Source : cottonwooddetucson.com

This holistic center offers inpatient rehab programs to help individuals recover from drug/alcohol addiction. The center also doubles as a behavioral health treatment center that focuses on offering myriad treatments that would help treat the side effects of withdrawal as well.

These include anxiety, mood disorders, sex addiction, eating disorders, co-dependency and addiction related dysfunction. Cottonwood Tuscan has in fact received the Highest Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Accreditation for its effective and affordable rehab programs.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers have become common place today thanks to the number of individuals who are opting to kick the habit and heal their body and mind through these treatments. These centers are known for offering the best rehab programs for the most affordable costs in the world.

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