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Women more vulnerable to air pollution than men: Study

women take the brunt of air pollution 9If you think, that polluting vehicles and factories are the ‘only’ worst exposure to the killing poisoned air, then you are wrong. Even people, especially women in the developing countries living indoors are among the most exposed.

With India emerging as a hotspot for ozone pollution, it has been found that air pollution is prevalent in homes with females cooking indoors using fossil-fuels and putting all those electric gadgets on, throughout the day.

To worsen the scenario, it is recently been found that air pollution affects women more than men!
Ozone is also a major pollutant in American cities, with more than 100 million people living in areas where ozone levels are higher than what the air quality standards recommended.

A female’s exposure to ozone significantly increases pneumonia surviving risks more than the males. Compared to ones breathing in filtered air, people staying exposed to ozone get more vulnerable to death!

The vehicular pollutants that are released into the air are the main culprits behind producing ozone — when sunlight acts on these hydrocarbon pollutants.

Even the industrial processes like painting, oil refining and chemical manufacturing spew out huge amount of ozone-producing hydrocarbon pollutants into the air. So, it’s the women who take the maximum burnt, compared to the males exposed to the same air pollutants.

‘Ground level ozone’ may be one of the important elements that give birth to symptoms
like respiratory system irritations, triggering of shortness of breath, experiencing chest pain when inhaled deeply and also those wheezing and coughing.

But women, be more careful! You, being more vulnerable to these pollutants, need to take more protections when on roads or in an industrial area.


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