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Wireless vs. Wired Home Theater, Which One to Choose

Wireless vs. Wired Home Theater

We love watching movie at home and making that experience better is something we all love to do. Having a home theater at home is a wonderful idea, provided you can pull off a good solution to reproduce the safe effect. You need the right equipment for this and you can do it in two ways – a wired home theatre or a wireless home theatre solution. However, how do you decide upon the two? Which would suit your home best and which would not? Here is a simple guide that takes you through the decision, when you have to make the choice.

Wired home theatre systems:

Wired home theatre systems would have special cables connected to all the equipment separately. Yes, this is still a firm favorite amongst many in the world and frankly, they provide amazing output in both large and small rooms. This is the reason that such systems are a hit amongst people who are looking for perfection in sound systems. These systems are incredibly flexible and your can replaces speakers as and how you wish in the future too. So, let us say that you are looking at installing a basic system at your home today; you can get that upgraded to a higher end speaker in the future. Therefore, scalability is a big factor here.

Wireless home theatre:

A wireless home theatre is used with Bluetooth or infrared technology. You need no cables or wires to operate the system. This will mean you have no cables to hide by running lines through walls. It makes your system very classy. If you need to hold speakers up in the corners of your room, you can have that done with suitable accessories. This would be a more complicated step, but the looks remain quite amazing. Keep in mind that such systems are a little more complicated than it looks and can be a challenge to install at times.

How to decide on the home theatre system

  • The biggest disadvantage with a wired home theatre is the number of wires required; you have to put claddings across the wall, if you are looking to install a wall-mounted system. This makes the room look quite ugly and does not do justice to a good looking home. There are chances of tripping and higher maintenance, in case your pets chomp the wires, too. This system would only be great, if you are looking at a shorter room that you can cover with carpet easily. Therefore, if you are looking for a cleaner and less complicated solution, wired home theater solutions sound great. This takes lesser time to connect and you can always upgrade it, if you want to have a better system later sometime.
  • If you want a simpler connected system, you would be better off with a wired system that you can install in no time. This would make your entire process up and running in no time.
  • Many people choose a wireless system, if they have a cluttered space and are not able to make way for a wired system. This does look elegant and sleek but the output would not be as good as that of a wired system. Therefore, if you have a cluttered spot and could do without a few wires dangling about your place, a wireless solution would be perfect.
  • Budget pretty much depends on the speaker make. On an average, wireless speakers cost more. So if you are looking to keep a tight budget, keep it wired.


With the right living conditions and budget, you can decide the perfect sound system for your home. Make a simple informed choice and enjoy your home theatre.

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