Why and how to live your life outside the internet?

how to live your life outside the internet

Getting trapped in a net doesn’t feel good. Imagine the fisherman’s net filled with a school of fish that have lost freedom and mobility. It seems we have also willingly got trapped in the wizardly internet. We spend hours in devouring countless interesting and not-so-interesting information a majority of which will never serve any life purpose. Still, we enjoy clicking, scrolling, surfing and engaging with the web just forgetting that there can be a better life outside the internet.

Why should you think of life outside the internet?

unnecessary surfing

Yes. It is hard to unplug nowadays. The reasons are valid enough but on this pretext, we have stretched a lot in unnecessary use of the internet. It is good to connect with the world with the internet but not to make the internet your world.

If you must stay connected to the net then it is also a must to stay disconnected. Pause for a moment and think how much of the information delivered by the internet is useful to you? Killing time through unnecessary surfing has become a part of our life.

The internet is affecting real-life relationships:

The internet is affecting real-life relationshipsIt is a common observance with families and friends out for dinner or any gathering where their gazes remain fixed on the mobile screen than on other’s faces. What an awkward situation! Is it so important to glance frequently at the screen to get the updates of your friends and acquaintances? Is it so important to share every event of your daily life? Extending friendship through social media platforms is good but that should not replace your real-life relations with friends and families.

Taking time out to meet friends and relatives has a greater impact than commenting or liking their social media posts. Meeting physically carries a lot of empathy and personal touch that is missing in online interactions.

We should develop the habit of enjoying something without feeling the need to share those on social media. We do not need the social media ‘thumbs up’ to validate our quality of life.

The internet can make your life miserable:

The internet can make your life miserableToo much information is not good for mental health; ignorance is bliss in this case. E-tailers are doling out attractive seasonal discounts and you miss it for some reason. That makes you sad as if it is a costly miss!

Friends are posting attractive vacationing pictures, glossy outfits and high-end lifestyle which may not be within your reach. That makes you unnecessarily competitive and forces you to stretch beyond your limits.

The internet has brought the world into our bedroom. We come to know of so many things available under the sun but we possess so little. That makes us unhappy at times. The internet is meant to keep you well informed. That does not mean all information amassed must have some implication on our lives.

Addiction to online gratification:

Addiction to online gratificationSocial media is not to be blamed entirely. A person without social media engagement is often labeled as ‘unsocial’.  Oh! You don’t have a Facebook account, is the usual reaction. The message is – What is life if not without ‘shares’ and you fail to earn a good number of ‘stares’?

Getting noticed on social media feels good but there is more in life than collecting social media approvals. If your social media sharing is meant solely for getting an appreciable number of likes, it doesn’t remain a natural sharing.

Thousands of followers of a twitter-account holder make you turn green with envy. But could you ever think that a sizeable number of them are comprised of spams and bots? You end up feeling sad counting the paltry number of your followers.

Tips to live a life outside the internet:

The good news is the world is moving towards digital divide. People are taking interest in off-screen quality time. Digital detox or temporary digital disconnection is gaining traction. The first step is to limit the screen time even if it is meant for the professional purpose. If you wish to enjoy a better life outside the internet, check out the following:

1.     Practice digital minimalism:

Practice digital minimalismDigital communication seemed to have turned out as our lifeline. Checking apps, emails, messages, files, documents etc. create clutter in our desktops. You need to decide when to stay online and when to go off creating a healthy balance of your online and offline presence. De-clutter your device by removing unwanted apps and files.

2.     Build a different mode of communication with friends:

Go for an outing with your friendsLife without social media can be great if your mode of communication with friends extends beyond social media interactions. Many people are going fine without taking to Facebook and twitter. Go for an outing with your friends. Enjoy a hearty chat over the phone if a meeting is not feasible. Invite them to your home. Send letters through emails. These personalized touches strengthen the bonding.

3.     Use self-control apps:

Use self-control appsSelf-control is important to limit your internet addiction. The apps equipped with a timer helps you to blacklist any website. Unless you activate the timer, you won’t be able to view those websites even after restarting your desktop.

4.     Take breaks from the computer:

Take breaks from the computerGo for a 10-15 minute workout every 1-2 hours while working on your desktop. Chat with your friend, look out the window or even go for a short stroll to have a glimpse of the life outside the internet. The world would seem to be more interesting!

5.     Fix hours of internet fasting:

Fix hours of internet fastingAllot few hours or a couple of days (especially on weekends) to stay away from the internet. Utilize this time in some creative activities like drawing, playing music, cooking, painting etc. You never know how your latent potential may surface up.

6.     Go for camping:

 Go for campingIt is one of the best ways to get out of the internet cage. You can just forget emails and other disturbing notifications. Initially, you may look for some sort of connectivity to stay in touch with the other world, but nature and its wilderness will soon overpower you. A couple of days would be fine to enjoy the other side of life.

7.     Immerse in fun-filling activities:

short journey to the city outskirtsWhat about kite-flying?  It can be enjoyed in groups although. Playing with pets, a short journey to the city outskirts, interacting with new people or at least backyard or rooftop gardening. You have numerous options to live a life outside the internet. Just give a try!

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