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Ways to Sustain Health and Wellness as a College Student

Ways to Sustain Health and Wellness as a College Student

Are you about to head off to college for the first time? Do you feel excited but nervous about the prospect of living away from home and being independent? Are you feeling anxious about how your life is going to change and the new stress factors that might take hold due to looming deadlines and new responsibilities? The good news is that all of those feelings are totally normal and there are some steps that you can take to combat them. The following are some of the best ways to sustain health and wellness as a college student.

1. Be Active

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In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important for students to be active at least three times per week. Exercise not only helps keep the body in shape, but it can also improve mood and cognitive function. Regular physical activity, even if it’s just walking or cycling to school, can help reduce stress levels and anxiety, making it easier to focus in class. Additionally, making time to exercise can help boost your self-esteem and promote better sleep habits. Joining a fitness class or getting out in nature is also a great way to make new friends and connect with others on campus.

2. Choose the Right Foods

To do well in school, you must stay focused, energized, and motivated. Choosing the right food plays a bigger part in doing this than you might first think. A nutritious breakfastcan help students feel alert and focused during early morning classes. You won’t have to worry about brain fog and your level of alertness will help you to smash through your early morning workload. Healthy breakfast choices include oatmeal topped with fruit and seeds or eggs with a side of wholewheat toast. Try not to get into the habit of skipping meals and eating junk food as you’ll fall into a rut and your health and grades will start to suffer. Remember, as a college student, you’re still growing and developing so give your body the fuel it needs to flourish.

3. Get Enough Sleep

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Sleep is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for students. Most people have no idea how to get deep sleep and that they need 7-8 hours of sleep each night so try to make this a priority. It might be difficult to give partying a miss on some nights of the week but your body and mind will certainly thank you for it. To combat those feelings of restlessness (we all have them when we first move away from home), create a peaceful space that’s dark and quiet. Turn off the main lights and illuminate the space with some fairy lights or bedside lamps. Avoid watching TV or working on the computer right before bed, and try to create a regular bedtime routine so your body knows when it’s time to switch off.

4. Avoid Financial Stress

Being stressed about money is all part of being a student but you should never let it get out of control and interfere with your academics. Before you enroll in school, look into the many options for scholarships for college students. Unlike loans, these funds do not have to be paid back and securing a scholarship could set you up for success in college and your later years. Another tip is to be smart when it comes to your spending and look for opportunities to cut back on your monthly expenses. Do you have subscriptions that you could cancel? Perhaps you’re eating out several times per week to avoid having to cook at home? Maybe there’s a cheaper place to enjoy a few beers at the weekend? These are all ways to save a few dollars each week.

5. Practice Self-Care

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Self-care is an important aspect of life, but it is often neglected by students. Between school, work, and extracurricular activities, there is little time for students to take care of themselves. That said; making time for self-care practices is crucial for mental and emotional health. You don’t need to sign into a spa for the day to reap the benefits of self-care. In fact, doing something as simple as taking a bubble bath and going for a walk-in nature is enough to press the re-set button on your body clock.

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