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Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree After Festive Season

Christmas is never complete without the quintessential Christmas tree that adorns the living room of the people who celebrate the festival. However, as the festive season ends, more and more trees start ending up in landfills across the world. So what can you do to prevent this? Simple, instead of throwing your Christmas tree away, repurpose it. If you are wondering how it is possible, consider the tips mentioned below.

Choose a Living Tree


Instead of cutting down a Christmas tree in half, you can opt for one that comes with the root intact. This way, you can plant it in your garden and get your very own Christmas tree for many years. If you need to bring the tree inside, simply place the roots in a bucket filled with sawdust, mulch or potting soil. Make sure you keep the soil moist constantly. Plant the tree outdoors as soon as Christmas is over.

Make a Garden Edge

You can remove all the branches of the tree and transform the trunk to edge your garden. You can also place the trunk near some plants in your garden and allow squirrels, birds and other small animals to rest on it at intervals.

Make a Bird Feeder

You can transform an otherwise useless Christmas tree into a very useful bird feeder for your garden. Simply leave the tree in its stand and place it in the garden. Hang mesh bags filled with sunflower seeds, cranberry strings, dried fruits (chopped) and stale breadcrumbs on the branches. You will be amazed at the sheer number of sparrows, cardinals, chickadees and other birds that would make your tree their home.

Make a Giant Air Freshener

Not many know that Christmas trees tend to release a wonderfully sweet and piney scent, even after they dry completely. Therefore, it would be better to keep the tree indoors for some more time before transferring it to the backyard. Your home will get its very own giant natural air freshener.

Use as Firewood

After disposing the branches, you can cut off trunk and chop it into smaller pieces to be used as firewood in your fireplace. Just make sure that you do not put any branches in the fire as they may send out sparks.

Carve Creative Artifacts

If you have the creative thumb, try repurposing the branches and trunks of the Christmas tree for a variety of your projects. You can use them to make birdhouses, paperweights, reindeers and even paperweights. Or try carving your family portrait in the wood.

Make a Protective Covering for other plants

The evergreen boughs on the trees can be used to offer protection for nursery rows or perennial beds. The boughs would keep them warm throughout winter and protect them from spring thaws by offering them a steady temperature to live in during this period.

Prepare Soil Nutrients

Certain communities allow trees to be burnt in order to enrich the soil. If allowed, burn the branches of your Christmas tree completely. Spread their ashes on the soil in your garden. Enriched with nutrients galore, the ashes would provide the necessary minerals needed by the soil, thus allowing your plants to grow better.

Prepare Mulch

You can also get in touch with a local authority to see if there are any tree recycling programs in your community. These programs collect the trees from the residents and then repurpose them to form mulch to be used in community gardens and parks. Getting in touch with them will ensure that your Christmas tree serves its purpose even after drying away.


There is no need to throw the Christmas tree, once the festive season is over. Check these options to see how you could recycle the tree and give back to the environment in different ways.


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