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Wall paint basics that make coloring rooms easy and fun

You are up for painting your entire room but you are overwhelmed by the plethora of color choices available on the market. Picking one or two colors from such a wide variety of colors is not a cakewalk and we understand this really well. This is why we have brought some wall paint basics for you all, which will make your color choice simple, easy and effective, and your painting experience sheer fun.

Understanding the ins and outs of few basic paint shades

Although you can paint your rooms in of the colors that catch your fancy but if you consider these following color recommendations, it is surely going to help you with making your home painting endeavor a success:

Choosing color orange

Orange is a color that adds vibrancy and certain liveliness to a room. It works best when used on an accent wall, rather than painting the entire room orange because painting the entire room orange calls for a great deal of planning and precision, which you might not be able to do without taking help of a pro. Besides using it on the accent wall, you can use orange color on the wall that has shelves on it that you use to keep some books or other stuff. If a room lacks natural light then you should always use lighter shades of orange, and this color looks even more gorgeous in a room that has dark woods on the floor and furniture.

Choosing color purple

Purple shade is both soft and imperious, and is a rich color that is associated with royalty. Purple color looks best with shimmering and luxurious looking fabrics like suede, silk, velvet, and chenille. Therefore, purple color seems to be the best choice for a bedroom wherein you can use bed sheets, covers, quilts and blankets all bathed in the royal purple. You can go for a combination of purple and white paint on the walls and purple and white decorations.

Choosing neutral colors

Neutral colors are the best choice for rooms if you desire to amp up the intensity of accent walls and some other focal points that are there in your home’s interior decoration. Neutral colors help focal points come out with their maximum intensity, which is not there in the case of bold colors, as they interfere with the impact that focal points in the interior décor are supposed to make. If you choose neutral colors for the walls, you have to ensure that you try to bring some drama by placing cushions, urns, and other decorative pieces that are colorful.

Choosing color green

Green is one color that gels well with other colors and its different shades look gorgeous in rooms. If at some point of time you feel exasperated with such a wide range of colors choices available, you can simply stop confusing yourself more and decide to give green color to your walls. Springy green shade works best in a room that has a blocked view and for a room that remains sunny in daytime. If your floor has open floors then color green is ideal for your floor.

Choosing color yellow

So energetic and lively the color yellow is. It looks extremely beautiful if used on accent walls, or in patches on the walls, and it starts to look unbearable after a point of time if you choose to color your walls exclusively in yellow color. Therefore, it is best if you use color yellow in a light shade and with a partner color like white in a room that receives no or minimal natural light.


Choosing a color for your walls is definitely one of the most challenging tasks because picking colors from such a wide assortment of color choices is maddening. However, if one know about color basics, it gets much easier to pick an ideal color for your home.


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