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Verizon’s venture: Go green with nature

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Verizon‘s new venture is to walk hand in hand with the nature. As a part of this, 550 trees and other plants are planted at the Verizon corporate campus in Bernads. This new greenery attracts lots of wildlife. According to John Parke, the New Jersey Audubon Society stewardship director for the north region, the North Maple Avenue campus now accommodates more than 60 species of wildlife; either on visit or on stay. This green venture surely gives a positive energy to the Verizon employees.

It was only in the last year that Verizon, combined with the New Jersey Audubon Society and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service enhanced its land of 25 acres to act as a defense for the Passaic River. Verizon also shared the restoring cost with them. Now the corporate campus is full of life with the songs of birds. Almost all sorts of native wildflowers like black-eyed Susan, foxglove and butterfly weed can be found. Workers even pulled out non-native plants like multiflora rose and Japanese barberry, which they found to be preventing the wildlife from entering this territory.

It was the Brickman Group, a landscaping firm that dealt with planting trees and shrubs. Bird boxes and turtle pits are also created to bring a great effect. Bird boxes mounted as a part of this project are occupied. Oriole, vesper sparrows, Barrow’s goldeneye, a sea duck along with a group of ringed-neck ducks are spotted in the campus, spending time between their migrations. Part of the lawn is left without mowing so as to attract more wildlife visitors.

As a part of this greenventure, Verizon decided to plant another 500 trees in the coming year. Verizon spokesman Brian Malina said, “We want to be a good partner with the community and the environment. This project is good for that. It helps the waterway, and it looks nice.”

Via: Courier News

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