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UN warns climate change will harm indigenous people

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A UN panel on biological diversity has said that indigenous people are especially vulnerable to climate change. The panel is appealing for international attention to help indigenous people who are suffering due to global climate change.

John Scott, the head of UN Convention on Biodiversity said:

Indigenous and local communities, often amongst the world’s most marginalized and impoverished peoples, will bear the brunt of this catastrophe because of their close association with their traditional lands and waters, and the animals contained within.

Indigenous people living in the Arctic, on small islands and at high altitudes, are under most severe threat from the global warming and other climate changes. The traditional people living in the Arctic are facing problem in hunting polar bears due to quick meltdown of ice.

In India and Bangladesh, many islands in Sunderban deltas have been claimed by the sea and several are under threat of submersion forcing thousands of people to uproot from their homes and land. The people who are facing the heat of global warming are the one who have contributed the least to the rise in greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. The real culprits, who are more responsible for the greenhouse gases emissions, are going to be the last one to be affected. Later its grave implications will affect the rest of the populations.

Creatures and the people living in the least developed parts of the world are the ones who are going to face the brunt of imbalance of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Do you think a person who has lost his home and land on a submerged Sunderban island would have an air-conditioner fitted in his/her home?

Obviously the one living in developed and developing nations, who burn lot of fuel and power, lives in air-conditioned rooms, flies across cities and continents and lives a sophisticated modern life is responsible for the plight of the poor indigenous people and the creatures facing severe threats due to global warming. It is their obligation to help the vulnerable people and species and mend their ways.

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