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The troublesome kind of employees a company should never entertain

The frequent breaker

distracting EMPLOYEE

All offices and organizations have their set rules and regulations regarding the schedule, and accordingly they have some periods allotted to breaks. Every employee must respect the rules but some employees take pleasure in breaking those rules. For instance, an employee who keeps taking breaks frequently tends to disturb and distract other efficient employees as well. This type of employee deserves a big break from the payroll. Ones who refuse to change

refuse to change

Some employees have a bad attitude and in spite of so many warnings given to them, they just do not change. If a company has already brought the bad behavior and attitude of such people into their attention but to no vain, it means it is a perfect time to fire such an employee for the company’s betterment. A self-proclaimed know-it-all

i am complete

Some employees live in a false perception that they are geniuses who need not listen to or learn from anybody else. They fail to realize that there is nobody on this entire earth who knows-it-all and does not require to learn further. They are meant to be chucked out. Ones who make big promises but fulfill none

join hands

Yet another funny and frustrating character in some organizations are the employees who boast so high of their capabilities but when it comes to give results, they truly stand nowhere. They can impress almost everybody with their fake promises but cannot work to fulfill those promises.

An expert in blame games

spreading rumors

Some employees never manage to achieve their targets and perform well but in the end rather than being guilty for their performance, they shower innumerable excuses and blames over their boss. Such an employee can only do backbiting, provoking, and spread rumors, which is certainly not in the interest of any organization.

The one with the attention-seeking syndrome


Some employees have inferiority complex or they are too insecure, which makes them the attention seekers. They can go to any length just to seek attention. It is better to get rid of such employees at the earliest.



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