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Top 10 World’s Most Richest Sports Personalities

<![CDATA[Sports have become so commercialize one could never think of in the past. Still most of us can not image the amount of money our favourite Star have in their bank accounts, which obviously they have earned after lots of hard work and daunting efforts.

According to the Forbes list of celebrity wealth, here are the 10 richest sports stars in the today’s world. Have a look.

#1 Tiger Woods – Golf $115 m

Ranked as the number 1 golfer in the world. Mr. Woods is one of the most marketable personality in the world. His full name is Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods.  He signed a 5-year $105 million contract with Nike, which at the time was the largest endorsement deal ever made by an athlete. He has won 14 major golf championships and 65 PGA tour events. Tiger also has deals with TAG Heuer, Buick, EA Sports and American Express.

#2 David Beckham – Soccer  $50 m

Beckham has a huge yearly income from sponsorship revenues and merchandise. Add endorsements with Pepsi,  Motorola and Adidas and also with his cut of the team’s ticket. He  is a global marketing phenomenon. He  lives in a $22 million mansion, in a gated community near to the home of Tom Cruise. Hiss wife Victoria (the Spice Girl) is the 52nd richest woman in Britain.

#3 Michael Jordon – Basket ball $45 m

Major portion of Jordon’s  income comes from royalties from the $800 million a year in sales of the Nike Jordan brand. These days Jordan works as head of basketball operations for the Charlotte Bobcats.

#4 Phil Mickelson – Golf $45 m

Phil Mickelson would undoubtedly highest paid star of Golf  after Tiger Woods. Mickelson earned his wealth from sponsorship fees and appearances, he also picked  $10 million in prize money. Michelson endorsed his name to Rolex, Ford and Callaway golf clubs. He has earned far more off the course than on it.

#5 Kimi Raikkonen – Formula 1 $44 m

Kimi Raikkonen is fifth on the list. His total wealth is $ 44 millions. Before joining the Ferrari team he used to drive  McClaren. He is the highest paid driver in F1 racing.  Kimi Raikkonen is married to a former Miss Scandinavia Jenni Dahlman.

#6 Kobe Bryant – Basket Ball $39 m

Mr. Kobe wealth included with  a deal with  Nike,  a 5-year $45 million contract. In addition to this, he is signed to a 6-year $71 million deal with the Lakers. Kobe Bryant plays his basketball in Los Angeles and only a select few of  Hollywood’s great and good can claim to earn more than the Laker’s shooting guard.

#7 LeBron James – Basketball $38 m

At 24 years old, married to his childhood sweetheart and a father of two,  Le Bron is a marketing man’s dream. James has stated that he intends to become the world’s first billionaire athlete. . Mr. LeBron James was never going to be short of money from the day that he signed a $90 million contract with Nike, before he’d even made his professional debut. The home he is currently building is certainly fit for a billionaire,  it’s certainly roomy. Having knocked down the pre-existing 11 bedroom house on the site,  LeBron’s mansion will include a full size casino, a six-car garage and bowling alley.

#8 Ronaldinho — Soccer $37 m

 Ronaldinho has enjoyed massive contacts with soccer giants Barcelona and present club Ac Milan, as well as commercial deals with Nike, Pepsi and Cadbury Schweppes. His total wealth is approximately $ 37m per anum. It is arguable that it has been the contentedness that comes with such wealth, which has been responsible for Ronaldinho’s loss of form.

#9 Roger Federer – Tennis $35 m

 Having won 13 Grand Slam titles, Federer has coined millions in prize money and has sponsorship deals with Nike, Rolex and Gillette. His marketing company have claimed that Federer is the wealthiest tennis player of all time and he has been named as one of the 300 wealthiest people in Switzerland

#10 Alex Rodriguez – Baseball $34 m

He is the youngest player to have hit 500 home runs. He is the youngest to make a record breaking deal of $275 millions in 2007 to become a highest paid player in baseball history. His previous record was with New York Yankees which paid him $252 million. He is none other than the 33 year old, star player of New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez.  His total earning from base ball only stands at $ 197,431,586, apart from this he has lucrative endorsements with brands like Nike, Rawlings and Topps.


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