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Top Ten Banks of the World

<![CDATA[Global Finance reveals its annual ranking of the World’s 50 Biggest Banks, as measured by total assets. The below list consist of top ten out of 50 for your information.

#1 BNP France

Country:  France
Total Assets ($b): 2,964

#2 Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Country: Scotland
Total Assets ($b): 2,747

#3 HSBC Holding

Country: United Kingdom
Total Assets ($b): 2,346

#4 Crédit Agricole

Country: France
Total Assets ($b): 2,243

#5 Barclays

Country:  United kingdom
Total Assets ($b): 2,233

#6 Bank of America

Country: United States
Total Assets ($b): 2,223

#7 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

Country: Japan
Total Assets ($b): 2,196

#8 Deutsche Bank

Country: Germany
Total Assets ($b): 2,162

#9 JP Morgan Chase

Country: United States
Total Assets ($b): 2,032

#10 Citi Group

Country: United States
Total Assets ($b): 1,857]]>

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