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Toddlers and their changing preschool sequences


Toddlers-they just seem to grow rapidly and you as a parent have to follow every move, every change and every sequence of their life to ensure they develop holistically. It is very important to keep a track of these changes, as many kids may need special attention because of their extra skills or other extraordinary development routine. Many parents want to know about the development of their children for which they consult teachers and doctors.

Helping you child in finding and nurturing his/her abilities is necessary. The best way to help your child develop is to spend time with him/her and have fun while they’re learning all the new things. Don’t expose your toddlers to the electronic devices for a long time, never more than two hours. In addition, it would be great if they receive electronics access only after they do a reward worthy, acceptable behavior, like completing their homework on time, eating vegetables etc. There are some fun activities for the preschool toddlers with their parents, such as reading a storybook as it also develops the reading and visualizing skills. So get one preschool book list.

Remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, make sure that with the indoor games the child must be exposed to outside physical activities and games. Outdoor games allow child to engage in further exploration and physical development.

Toddlers develop on emotional, social, cognitive and physical levels. Therefore, by the time they reach a particular age, they can walk by, run, sit on a chair alone, can turn pages, kicks the ball, build a tower, do simple mathematics or remember names and colors. Emotionally the child develops and shows responses to physical affection, becomes possessive for parents (especially the opposite sex), craves for some independence and wants answers for his queries.

By the age of two, a child’s cognitive development is at its peak, with the child learning new words and phrases every day. Physical development includes running, riding a tricycle, can button and unbutton and can wear socks. In case of emotional development loves adventure and music with a great sense of personal identity.

Around 3 yrs. of age, the kid starts responding to the verbal guidance and knows that he is a boy or a girl. This is the time s/he enjoys the company of others and love group activities. There is a significant growth in intellectual level as the child can speak sentences, more than 800 words, tell a story based on imagination, and recite a nursery rhyme. On physical development, the kid can throw a ball and dress well. Emotional development comes with often negative, defiant attitude, and needs control freedom.

When the child is 4 yrs. old, he/she becomes highly social, cooperative and talkative. Can speak fluently with more than 1500 words, can tell stories, read, draw, write and recite poems. In physical development the kid can hop, ride, skate and have smooth muscle action. Emotional development comes with self-centeredness, well-adjusted and home centered attitude.


At the age of 5, the child is highly skilled and organized. He/she has a special friend group and carry out responsibilities. In case of intellectual level the child now knows colors, counts to 10 and starts to know the difference between fact and fiction.


Knowing how your toddler develops at different age would not only help you to understand his developmental patterns, but also allow you to grow with him, aware you about how you need to deal with his growth making parenting more fun and interactive.


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